Monday, April 22, 2013

Ups and Downs.....

Today was a wave of many emotions, laughter and tears......

  We started the day off with Diana searching for her contacts only to discover they were in her eyes already, Jenn searching for her lens cap that was on her lens and my mishaps are just too numerous to account!! My first misstep was trying to find the business center. I asked the lady at the front desk where to go and she held up her hand with her index finger touching her thumb and other fingers splayed and said "shroow floor" and indicated the direction of the elevators. I blankly looked at her and said "zero?", totally not thinking there is a zero floor. She kept repeating "shroow" and I kept telling her "I'm so sorry I don't understand". Finally she wiggled those splayed fingers and said "shroow" and I said "three".....ahhhhhh laughter all around!!! So funny, I'm sure she thought I was a total lunatic!! The means of getting copies of Janie's referral file from my email was the debacle you would expect from the technically challenged girl that I am. Thankfully the concierge had pity upon me and got me set by the end of the hour and he apologized to me. Really!!!! He is my hero, love him!!

Next up was a Buddhist temple before catching our flight to Changsha. Being my third time in China one would think I have been there done that but no, it was a first. Very interesting but sad all the same.Many laughs were had as well.

Jenn getting ready to be accosted by her is so much fun watching everyone flock to her, too funny!!! Julie told her today she looks like Barbie, nope she is prettier!  

Jenn's shocked look that Christina and  Aislinn are getting all the attention!

Our precious Pearl River liaison Julie told us we needed to hold our hands in prayer. The look on my face totally cracks me up!!! Julie was so excited that the monk was there and took the pic with us. 

Ms. Meng met us at the airport with flowers. She is the nurse for Pearl River but she wears many hats.......I don't believe Christina and Julie could do what they do without her. She is a tiny spitfire whom I am so very grateful for. Every single one of these women I am with were instrumental and used by God to give us Janie.
But on to Ms. Meng again.....she can get the group of us into elevators with piles of luggage all the while making other people get out to make room for us. This woman is a mighty warrior in a tiny body with a smile that lights up all around her. She is what you call a mover and a shaker!! Such a dear!

We immediately loaded up into our chariot ......the driver was not amused with us and our luggage,
see his overwhelmed look over there??? haha

We then headed to locate the finding places of our Changsha girls. I cannot bring myself to share the emotional events of the afternoon on my blog since it is so personal for Janie and myself.  I can say I will be forever changed by what I saw and  I feel fiercely protective of my sweet baby. I am so very thankful  to have this piece of Janie's life in my heart forever........

If you want to see what we were up to yesterday go to Jennifer's and Diana's blogs!!!!

A few pics from yesterday....

during our bike ride around the city wall. What a wonderful memory to have!!!

thankfully this was just a "lets see if we can do this" picture....
no we cannot do this, took singles instead but so many laughs were had with the theatrics of the trying!!

when in China, try a Chinese hamburger..
very good actually

and now to the previous day to that
the airport....

and toasting that we actually pulled this trip off!!