Tuesday, March 5, 2013

And Keepin It Realer....

I know, realer can't even be a word but seriously look at what I got in the mail today!!

addressed to yours truly.

Let me enlighten you if you don't know what AARP is..

AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization for people age 50 and over.(that would be me in a week)
AARP is dedicated to enhancing quality of life for all as we age(hmmmmm). We lead positive social change and deliver value to members through information, advocacy and service.
AARP also provides a wide range of unique benefits(maybe picking up my preschooler from school??), special products(goodness knows I need those products whatever they are), and services( I'm too immature to even gander a guess on that one) for our members.
These benefits include AARP Web site at, "AARP The Magazine," and the monthly "AARP Bulletin."(be still my heart)

Do you even know what AARP stands for????
 I did not, just that it was something for old people. It stands for American Association for Retired People. I don't think I'll be allowed to retire until Janie graduates from high school and I'll be so old I won't care or even know what retirement means anyway:)
The funniest thing is that I was on the phone with Courtney as I was opening my mail and the envelope said something about my membership card and I said "I bet this is form AARP". I have no idea where the thought even came from!! Funnier is that Courtney said "what is that", all I could tell her " something for old people"!! Thank you Courtney for making me think I'm young every single day!!! That is one of the greatest advantages of having young children when you are 50, I keep forgetting that I'm as old as I am since so many of my friends are in their late 30's and early 40's. It is kinda shocking to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and realize I have wrinkles in new places:), not to mention many other changes that I choose not to even think about!
Oh and Di and Jenn, did you notice what I get!!! A FREE travel bag!!!! I know you will be jealous of it in China haha!!

All joking aside, I am grateful my life is as full as it is at 50. I still don't know what it is like to be bored or to sit down for that matter. I do know that I am still a work in progress and  hope God allows me to stay on this ride for many years to come:)