Friday, March 15, 2013

Ahhhhh Mexico.....We Miss You!

We are back home from our vacation and already miss the relaxation. We had such a great trip which says something when 10 people travel together.......I'm sure the bigs are relieved to have some time away from the littles now BUT it was great to all be together!

I have wayyyyy too many pictures to post but I'll put some of my faves. All I can say is that my kids are was so much fun hanging with the bigs at night.......goodness they are funny! Gardner is a big ole cheater at cards, Eric does not miss a move from anyone, Allie....oh Allie I have no words, maybe too fun haha! Julianne calls bs on all, Mom can't control her cards (and I've been told laughs too much) and sweet John David just watches all the theatrics as he wins! Oh and Kendyl is a master story teller of all things that happen to kids when they don't obey, she and Gardner are scary at how fast they can make a story up about No Pull Raul, Booger Tree Ted, Hateful Hattie, Tattle Tale Tamara, Whiny Face Timmy and many more that I can't remember! Good times!

One of our highlights was the last day when it rained We decided we would be the super cool adventuresome family and still go snorkeling at Xel'Ha. We were somewhat worried as we bought ponchos for all since we were so cold but trudged on. All I can say is that Janie (on her gotcha day no less) won the trooper award. We swam down a mangrove thingy in the cold water until we got to a large lagoon. It is a good thing Hank and I are good swimmers since Madeline hung on his back and Janie on mine. Janie giggled and swam off from me constantly. So many people commented that she was so brave:). We all had a great time and loved the lunch as well. The worst thing about the rain is that I don't have one picture, can't pull cameras out when raining, bummer!!

Madeline lost her 2nd tooth and got 50 pesos from the tooth fairy:)

Kendyl got her McDonalds:)

Yes of course some from our family had to check it out!!


Janie laughing at Gardner

dance freeze contest

the whole fam on Janie's family day!

this is how Janie tells a secret...

dancing again...

dancing again
get ready for some of Janie's moves...

I love that I can tell Madeline is laughing:)

these crack me up!!!
she is one funny girl!!!

I'd love to post all the pics but just not enough time in the day!