Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Bunch Of Crazies....

 A few pics of how we roll most days...

I went all over town with crazy girl in her precious outfit..
 and the "I talked mom into" shoes with non matching socks
which she insists wearing
totally ruined now due to playing in the yard...
thankfully I bought them at Target
(this picture does not give the hilarity of her outfit justice!!)

no comment..

I'm thinking she was not getting her way
but it looks like she is acting like a tiger..
those cheeks!!!
I will so miss them when she is older

and the joy on this precious face...
is seen pretty much on a regular basis now
big deep thankful sigh....ahhhhhhh
Oh how I love her sweet heart!

and then there are those few days....
I sent this to Hank one late afternoon...
His response
"that bad huh?"
but it makes all the good days all the more sweet!!!