Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Love this, hmmmm what is a girl to do????

trying on her China baby girl pearls....I have been waiting to give these to them since we got back from China last year!

Janie cracks me up, I think John David was imitating Madeline, oh my....

can you tell the world revolves around this little crazy girl??

after church and waiting on lunch the girls played dress up, of course:)

then it was finally time for the Easter egg hunt!!!
This girl could not wait!

Hank got a little carried away around the chicken coop this year....

or maybe bored hiding eggs
about 20 were dumped in the egg box:)

Janie's legs just crack me up!!

I just can't go without showing what most of Madeline's day was about.....whining
thankfully she ended it on a good note:)

Allie was unable to "rehide" the golden egg (which is silver now)
because the little girls would not stop chasing her....
She just handed it to John David and he is telling her "that is not fun"
so in Allie fashion, she took off up the hill to hide it
with Hank's help....

He had to hold them back:)

we all had on any shoes we could find around the house since it was so muddy...
Julianne and Allie won with the tackiest...
the shoes are John David's and mine haha

we are all trying to imitate Janie's crooked mouth
John David is best!! and yes that is a bow in his hair, hmmmmm?

Lauren took these pics and thankfully did not show our feet!

Troy and Hank hangin...

Lauren and her girls:)
It was so nice to have Lauren and Troy with us today
they survived the chaos!!! whooo hooooo

back to dress up again and working on her poster for "star of the week"
at school . She is so excited to take her poster and get to take a 
special snack of her choice!

We had such a nice Easter
Our church service was wonderful
and the day with our family was as well..
Happy Easter!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sunday Antics....

We all have dinner together every Sunday night, all 9 or 10 of us depending if Julianne is home or usually ends with Madeline and Janie performing some sort of somethingorother:)

playing their own game during the LOUD performance
Barbie Princess Superstar song......
need I say more!

deciding what the next song will be....


her face is not even in focus but I just love the shoes and all!!!

always fun
and always quiet after they are in bed:)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Is It Really That Simple??

I can't believe I get to return to China in a few weeks!!

The reality of seeing, holding and loving on some precious babes has settled on me the past days. Their reality is that they are still orphans.....a reality that will always be hard for me to understand. Pearl River has a new little one named "Leighton" that we are all in love with and have been emailing back and forth that we can't wait to love on her. The other night I looked at her picture and said out loud "I wonder what her need is?". Hank's response was "parents". I was referring to her medical need but his response is the truth of what her need is.

Matthew 25:40 The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me'.

I know that God called my heart to our girls in China and continues to still my heart over the many remaining orphans. I know we are not all called to adopt but the simple truth is that we can all pray for these children. I know Janie was prayed for by many I do not even know and in turn God called us to her. The simplicity of this fact amazes me. The simple act of prayer is what we all desperately need to keep us close to our Savior. This same act allows us to see the the beauty of God's answers to these prayers.

As the thoughts of orphans swirl around my head so do thoughts of all I have to do to get ready to go! My prayer for this trip is that we can have the impact on these children's lives that God desires. I pray that my time with Janie's foster mother will stay with me forever so I can share my experience with Janie just when she needs it most. I know I have no idea of the emotions I will feel when I get to see where she spent the first years of her life and to spend time with the woman who gave of herself so my sweet girl knows how to love and be loved. Most of all I pray that I will come home with these children forever on my heart.....forever in my prayers that each and every one of them will be given a new reality with parents.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Bunch Of Crazies....

 A few pics of how we roll most days...

I went all over town with crazy girl in her precious outfit..
 and the "I talked mom into" shoes with non matching socks
which she insists wearing
totally ruined now due to playing in the yard...
thankfully I bought them at Target
(this picture does not give the hilarity of her outfit justice!!)

no comment..

I'm thinking she was not getting her way
but it looks like she is acting like a tiger..
those cheeks!!!
I will so miss them when she is older

and the joy on this precious face...
is seen pretty much on a regular basis now
big deep thankful sigh....ahhhhhhh
Oh how I love her sweet heart!

and then there are those few days....
I sent this to Hank one late afternoon...
His response
"that bad huh?"
but it makes all the good days all the more sweet!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Will We Ever Grow Up???

Our family teases A LOT.......its a great stress reliever for me.....I figure if I laugh maybe I won't be so miserable haha!! My sisters and my brother and I always teased our Mom about one thing or another and she was always a good sport. I did not truly understand how ruthless we could be until my own children started making fun of me. I catch them looking at each other and trying not to laugh when I have just said something, or they all die laughing and won't tell me what I've done. I think they are a little kinder than we were to our Mom.

On that note here is mine and Hank's text conversation after I talked with Mom. She is not happy about the whole Alcatraz thingy, you know sharks and all....

Makes me laugh out loud, this is who we are and it is somewhat embarrassing!!! Mom we love you and promise to wear shark repellent. I know you just said "oh Paigey" and sighed and I know you are giggling just a bit picturing me dying laughing all by myself in my office!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

We're Committed......

Dear Paige Wright,
Thank you! You are now registered for the Alcatraz Swim with the Centurions 11th Annual 2013 - Alcatraz to Aquatic Park. Please check the event's website for updates.
Dear participant to the 11th Annual ALCATRAZ 2013 Swim with the Centurions

This is to confirm your participation in this swim from Alcatraz to Aquatic Park on SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 28th 2013. You are one among the 350 other swimmers from all over the world that compete in this swim.
We strongly recommend to attend the pre-check in session at Sports Basement on Friday September 27th th from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us

IF you are interested in purchasing extra T-shirts or Water World Swim apparel, please visit our store at :
Registration Details
Registration ID:R-04WJDC4D
Participant:Paige Wright
Location:580 Jefferson St.
San Francisco, California 94109
Category:Alcatraz Swim with the Centurions 11th Annual 2013 - Alcatraz to Aquatic Park
Dear David Wright,
Thank you! You are now registered for theAlcatraz Swim with the Centurions 11th Annual 2013 - Alcatraz to Aquatic Park. Please check theevent's website for updates.

      Yes, this is what turning 50 does to some people!! We signed up for this race twice before. Once in our late 30's and then I got pregnant with John David, that was a great excuse! Then again in our early 40's and Hank tore his rotator cuff and had to have surgery.

 Sooooo now that I'm 50 and Hank will be turning 50 in July we are trying again. Maybe 3rd time is a charm!!! Having this written down will not allow us to quit ha!
Registration Details
Registration ID:
David Wright
580 Jefferson St.
San FranciscoCalifornia94109
Alcatraz Swim with the Centurions 11th Annual 2013 - Alcatraz toAquatic Park

Friday, March 15, 2013

Ahhhhh Mexico.....We Miss You!

We are back home from our vacation and already miss the relaxation. We had such a great trip which says something when 10 people travel together.......I'm sure the bigs are relieved to have some time away from the littles now BUT it was great to all be together!

I have wayyyyy too many pictures to post but I'll put some of my faves. All I can say is that my kids are was so much fun hanging with the bigs at night.......goodness they are funny! Gardner is a big ole cheater at cards, Eric does not miss a move from anyone, Allie....oh Allie I have no words, maybe too fun haha! Julianne calls bs on all, Mom can't control her cards (and I've been told laughs too much) and sweet John David just watches all the theatrics as he wins! Oh and Kendyl is a master story teller of all things that happen to kids when they don't obey, she and Gardner are scary at how fast they can make a story up about No Pull Raul, Booger Tree Ted, Hateful Hattie, Tattle Tale Tamara, Whiny Face Timmy and many more that I can't remember! Good times!

One of our highlights was the last day when it rained We decided we would be the super cool adventuresome family and still go snorkeling at Xel'Ha. We were somewhat worried as we bought ponchos for all since we were so cold but trudged on. All I can say is that Janie (on her gotcha day no less) won the trooper award. We swam down a mangrove thingy in the cold water until we got to a large lagoon. It is a good thing Hank and I are good swimmers since Madeline hung on his back and Janie on mine. Janie giggled and swam off from me constantly. So many people commented that she was so brave:). We all had a great time and loved the lunch as well. The worst thing about the rain is that I don't have one picture, can't pull cameras out when raining, bummer!!

Madeline lost her 2nd tooth and got 50 pesos from the tooth fairy:)

Kendyl got her McDonalds:)

Yes of course some from our family had to check it out!!


Janie laughing at Gardner

dance freeze contest

the whole fam on Janie's family day!

this is how Janie tells a secret...

dancing again...

dancing again
get ready for some of Janie's moves...

I love that I can tell Madeline is laughing:)

these crack me up!!!
she is one funny girl!!!

I'd love to post all the pics but just not enough time in the day!