Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Southeastern Swimming Championships....

John David qualified to compete in the Southeastern swimming championships for the first time. We went this  past weekend. He qualified for 4 races but could not compete in one of them on Friday due to his talent show. He really wanted to do both but had committed to the talent show in January before we knew he qualified. Oh well both were fun:)

I could not get many pictures since it was so crowded. Crazy crowded, almost like China crowded..... geez, who knew???? Anyway, he had a great meet and raced well:). He raced in the 50 free, 100 free and 50 fly and made new best times in all three. So I'd say it was a good first experience for him.

Hank still laughs at me when John David swam a 50 free last year in 32 seconds and I said "I can do that", his response was "no way you can do that"...... and he was right, it can't be done by this body anymore or never ever....the boy has passed up his old mom and dad now!

up on the starting block

3rd place in his heat with 31.91 in 50 free

I told you it was crowded

what he does while waiting on next event

more waiting

such a great picture, I know (sarcasm), he is in the farthest lane in first for that heat:)

John David had been swimming a year before I understood that the negative sign in front of the time meant an improvement in the time haha, I kept wondering why he was getting slower when he was actually getting faster:)

We spent Saturday afternoon with Granddaddy and Joyce at their farm. It was such a nice afternoon.
Here is a dump of iphone and camera pics...

the vet has to check out the teeth:)

this was the only way Madeline would get on that horse, with her fearless sister!

I love this Hank and his Dad, they are walking exactly the same and have the same hand in their pockets.
Hank talks to his Dad
such a wonderful thing

John David had to show his friends that we did a little touring of Nashville,
actually the Parthenon was right by the pool:)

makes me laugh, this is the look along with a whine that she gets many many times a day!

our nature girl!

All in all a great weekend other than leaving my FRYE boots at the hotel, which of course they can't find
but their staff is very honest is what the manager said,
hmmmmmmm so I wonder where my boots walked off to by themselves since they weren't on my feet???
I'll keep you posted on this for sure:)
seeing as I probably won't be wearing any Frye boots ever again......sigh.......