Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Southeastern Swimming Championships....

John David qualified to compete in the Southeastern swimming championships for the first time. We went this  past weekend. He qualified for 4 races but could not compete in one of them on Friday due to his talent show. He really wanted to do both but had committed to the talent show in January before we knew he qualified. Oh well both were fun:)

I could not get many pictures since it was so crowded. Crazy crowded, almost like China crowded..... geez, who knew???? Anyway, he had a great meet and raced well:). He raced in the 50 free, 100 free and 50 fly and made new best times in all three. So I'd say it was a good first experience for him.

Hank still laughs at me when John David swam a 50 free last year in 32 seconds and I said "I can do that", his response was "no way you can do that"...... and he was right, it can't be done by this body anymore or never ever....the boy has passed up his old mom and dad now!

up on the starting block

3rd place in his heat with 31.91 in 50 free

I told you it was crowded

what he does while waiting on next event

more waiting

such a great picture, I know (sarcasm), he is in the farthest lane in first for that heat:)

John David had been swimming a year before I understood that the negative sign in front of the time meant an improvement in the time haha, I kept wondering why he was getting slower when he was actually getting faster:)

We spent Saturday afternoon with Granddaddy and Joyce at their farm. It was such a nice afternoon.
Here is a dump of iphone and camera pics...

the vet has to check out the teeth:)

this was the only way Madeline would get on that horse, with her fearless sister!

I love this Hank and his Dad, they are walking exactly the same and have the same hand in their pockets.
Hank talks to his Dad
such a wonderful thing

John David had to show his friends that we did a little touring of Nashville,
actually the Parthenon was right by the pool:)

makes me laugh, this is the look along with a whine that she gets many many times a day!

our nature girl!

All in all a great weekend other than leaving my FRYE boots at the hotel, which of course they can't find
but their staff is very honest is what the manager said,
hmmmmmmm so I wonder where my boots walked off to by themselves since they weren't on my feet???
I'll keep you posted on this for sure:)
seeing as I probably won't be wearing any Frye boots ever again......sigh.......

Monday, February 25, 2013

John David's Talent Show!

I am so behind in posting what we have been up to. John David has participated in his school talent show with members of his class since kindergarten, this year being his last.....booooooo:(
Each year the same two mom's plan their skit and teach any of the kids that are interesting in participating. We are one lucky class! This year had a "mardi gras" theme for a celebration for 5th grade.

the whole group

the girls are in love with David and John Parker

John Parker, Graham and John David

One of the teachers dressed up ( and yes that is a man) with another student for announcements:)

I was very challenged as far as pics go but this  has to be included, that boy can dance:)

It was so fun!

These next are of the teachers performing "synchronized swimming"

the tall man is head of  our lower school division:)

they were so funny
what a great school!

buds since 2 year old preschool

It was a great night
 I can't believe John David will be in middle school next year
Yikes here we go!!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ahhhh....Sweet Giggle Relief!!

She is back!!!
Janie went to bed full of giggles and laughter...
Sweet relief for this Mommy
I did not realize how much I missed her awesome giggles....
welcome home our sweet giggly girl!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Some Days?????

Do you ever feel a little defeated by little people??? I react instead of respond, I am irritable instead of understanding, I am tired......the funny thing is that Madeline has been an angel, it is sweet Janie that has me on my toes and on my knees. I know "this too shall pass", I know "they will grow up before I am ready", I know all this and more yet I am tired......

So I am taking a deep breath and moving forward...... knowing that it will be a better day tomorrow, knowing that God has these little people exactly where he wants them, knowing that he will give me the strength I need, the understanding I need to give and the responses that these little ones need.....
and I need a good laugh so here are a few pics that make me laugh...

this makes me laugh out loud!! Madeline cut her hair and Odie's ear, thankfully not the "ear" but the hair on the ear!!! (she was 3, can't believe how much she has changed and yes she has cut her hair 2 more times since then), I would have cried had that been Janie since it is taking her hair FOREVER to grow!!

Halloween fun, haha

that is one big dog!

I think I see a trend here haha!!

such a goober:)

Ok I'm finished whining like Janie!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013


we are on day 7 today
she gets up many times a night
recovery is hard for this little one.....
we are counting the days down until she feels better
she has that glassy eyed look most of the day
I got this pic when she was feeling "up" for a bit
and just fell in love with it
 and her all over again:)
what a trooper she is!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Remember this picture?????
this is right where they belong!!!
Do any of you have a love/hate relationship with your animals???
I have lately......
just a few weeks ago was the skunk debacle
and lets not forget the cake debacle as well
I just laughed out loud when I found this picture
I have it labeled "i hate my dog"
I must have uploaded my pictures while still in a state of fury...
cracks me up even more that the wine is in the background
very fitting
that's all just Goldbug
let's not forget Odie
the trash compacter
and of course there is Ralph
the king of the counter
this last month Ralph has broken 6
yes SIX glasses
by knocking them off the counter
it is amazing he has not used up all 9 lives

Last night was is the final straw
the one that broke this camel's back....
we left the house to go out to eat
all the dogs were put in kennels
or so we thought
we have an escape artist now...
here is a before of a Valentine gift
six candy bars...

the after

and I can't post the after of  Madeline discovering her candy all eaten
(I was not quick enough to catch her fit of spectacular proportions on video)
plus her bag of valentines from her classmates..
all of them, every single one
and the candy to go with them
In Odie's defense he may have overheard Madeline tell me
"this is not what I wanted for Valentines Day, I don't like chocolate"
I think I remember her begging for a bite of John David's candy bar a few days ago....
and arguing with me about how many chocolate kisses she could have ...

 Also in Odie's defense
he was able to escape his kennel with true expertise
and Madeline did leave her candy in a chair
not on the counter
he would have gotten it on the counter anyway
since he is now known to get up on the counters
he is only like a foot tall....
I think he has 9 lives as well
seeing as he is still a member of this family
Madeline told Hank she wanted to sell him
"maybe she could make $100"
I don't care if I make 0 dollars....

and just to keep this real
while I'm typing away
Janie walks in the office
(remember she just had her tonsils out)
and threw up all over the floor
Now her...
I feel sorry for
(my sweet baby)
(precious one that has endured so many surgeries)
I'm not going to put her in a kennel just because she threw up
but I'm not sure when Odie will be allowed out
if ever....
Good times, Good times

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tonsils and Such.....

Sweet Janie had her tonsils and adenoids removed yesterday.....this makes the 6th time she has been under anesthesia since April. We hope it is to be her last for a long time. She was such a trooper and ate as soon as she got home. I think she was so relieved that I was not lying to her when I told her she gets to eat and drink after this surgery!

playing before it was time to go...

riding on her dad's back:)

in the "bunny tunnel" before surgery picking out her toy

just hours after her surgery:)

ready to eat again this morning!

This little monkey is ready for a break now!
her family is too!!
We are looking forward to spring break at the beach...
and no plans for further surgeries at this time whooo hooooo!

In other news....
I get to go back to China!!!!!
No, not to adopt....
but to follow along and help with Pearl River Outreach,
the organization that gave Janie such a great start with her foster parents!
I am so excited to be going along with my awesome friends
and not have the anxiety of a new addition to our family:)
I will be called the "cot" girl since I am the extra person along for the ride!
I will be able to meet Janie's foster mother and father...
I have no words for what this means to me....
just gratefulness for being given this opportunity!!

Now for just a dump of more iphone pics....
makes me laugh out loud, her pose in her new nightgown!!!
how can she do that?????

at Madeline's 100 day celebration

Kindergarten field trip
it still makes me laugh that I am going on field trips all over again!!

and just because I love these that Julianne put together!!