Sunday, January 27, 2013

It's a Steep Learning Curve......

for me!!!!! I am taking an online photography class and it is kicking my booty. I had to call in the forces yesterday and get Gardner and Kendyl to explain a few things......I am starting to "get" some of it....kinda.
Here are a few that actually turned out ok, I can't wait to play with them in lightroom!

I don't like the color in this one but I actually got her in motion and the background out of focus....

I have not had "homework" in many years
and I was not a procrastinator in those years
I did not have kids then either ha!
I hope I don't put this weeks homework off until the last day!!!
It is apparent from my pictures that Janie and the dogs are my only willing participants:)
Janie asked me to "do homework" all morning:)