Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas......

We celebrated Christmas with the Mounce side of the family today. We were missing Austin, Brooke, Wes and Amy:(

This year we did a little something different.....dirty Santa with "as seen on TV gifts". It was fun and funny, the little kids really got into it and everyone was afraid to steal from Madeline.....wonder why haha!!

we started off the dinner reading the about Christ's birth from Luke
requested by Mimi and read by Andie, Julianne and Emily

I know, I forgot to change my settings on the camera but I love this picture!
and I love that Mimi got this tradition started again
We read the story together on Christmas Eve
but we always did with Jeff's side of the family when the bigs were small and ALL of Mimi's family got together
It is nice to start this again and so special

Playing with our nativity scene while the story is being read

LOVE Janie's big ole smile....
it's really hard to believe she was a little demanding diva just minutes before:)

a few examples of our gifts

some gifts were stolen...

and received....

Mimi loved her Lady Gaga toothbrush!

No one stole Eric's genie bra :)

Julianne looks like she is guarding her massaging pillow...

Madeline now has 7 shimmer glitter tattoos on her arms
I'm so proud...

The day is not over without some serious horsing around.....
Ainsley, do you want to come for Christmas next year too???:)

another great time with our family!!

beautiful Lilly

and lastly because I love Janie's expression in the background
she is so worried that she is not going to get her turn!:)