Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Bit of a Catch Up....

We've had our school parties in which I did not get ONE picture since I was helping at John David's and forgot to remind Dad to take pics at Madelines...oh well, they had a great time and are excited that school is out!
So....I'll just catch up by dumping a few pics:)

Hank sent me this pic when I was in Minnesota, first time Madeline has EVER been a willing participant
Janie's first!
and yes Dad does get the "good dad" award for pulling this off!

just cause....

this is what my den looks like most nights:)

how this girl rolls....

Madeline and Janie at Elisabeth's bday party...
they had such a great time
I missed it since I was at a "having to wait to long" dr appointment
Thank you Kim for taking them!!
Lauren got some great pics too!

Now on to Janie's first Christmas cookie making...
she was not disappointed
was the boss of course:)
and made herself a big ole mess!

she is a firm believer of using wayyyyyy too much flour...

end result

We had to put the icing off until today
so more to come:)