Thursday, November 1, 2012

So Nice to be Home!!

It has been a whirlwind since Janie and I returned home on Tuesday. I finally got my last load of laundry put up at 5:30 today and feel like I can breath again:). Hank and I messed up Janie's catheter bag on Halloween and after 30 minutes of freak out and talking to the nurse we figured out our lame mistake and she is just fine.
So......instead of a trip to the ER we were able to celebrate Halloween, big sigh of relief here:). Janie was tired but still game for some fun.

Hank started a new tradition this year by building a campfire. We roasted hotdogs and made smores then loaded up on the trailer with friends and went trick or treating. I am posting way too many pics but I can so I am, since Janie did get to have a first Halloween!!

Janie's first pumpkin masterpiece

she is not quite trusting Daddy as he cuts her pumpkin

ok this will pass!

Deep concentration

Madeline refused to pose with her pumpkin!

JD is one proud boy of his!!

Gardner carried the princess for quite some time, then Mommy took over.I woke up all night long with a sore back, yes I'm old!!! The stroller came out shortly after Mommy carried her for a while:)

not too sure about this trick or treating business!

hard to tell who is who!!

It was a nice Halloween
so thankful I got to be here!!!