Monday, November 5, 2012

Madeline Nian Day!!

Five years ago we met our Madeline!

What a look! Bless her heart, so unsure about what was happening.
Too this day she does not like new situations!
I am so thankful that we got to know her as a baby......

I love that her cheeks are still so cute!!!
We celebrated today since we could all be together! 
We are not going to tell her that the actual date it the 5th
until next year:)

We went to the zoo
and met all the bigs for dinner at her favorite Mexican restaurant
she was precious.

I have to say that our trip to Cincy was good for Madeline
She has chosen to stay at home again when Janie and I go back on the 13th
That is a huge step for a child that NEVER wanted to be away from me
I came home to a child that acts like a big sister now
She hugged Janie so big and kissed her on top of her head
I stared in disbelief and was so sad not to get a picture
She wrote a note to Janie at dinner the other night
that said how much she loves her
the jealousy is at bay right now
and this Mommy is thrilled!

A few pics from our day:)
only on gotcha day does a child get to eat a Christmas cookie for breakfast:)

It seems like John Parker is always with us since John David needs some male support. He wanted to push the stroller since he is the youngest in his family:)

Janie copies EVERYTHING Madeline does!

Yesterday was the first day Janie has really acted herself, today was no different:)

opening one of her gifts from China...

I'd say she likes the tiny porcelain dolls!

our girl

Madeline you have blessed us so very much
your heart is big and loving
when you do love, you love big
you are starting to trust
you are
girly girl

you love
your family
your teachers
Blackie, your chicken
stuffed animals

and so much more
We love you as big as the sky and the clouds
with ice cream, caramel sauce and cool whip!