Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Picture Sneak Peek....

Don't ask!! The kids were in charge.......

Friday, November 23, 2012

Janie's first Thanksgiving Home......

:) praying before dinner

We had a relaxed day and lots of food!
And some serious "dance party"
as Madeline calls it!

and eating

and giving "the look"

and some "I tiwaaad"

more "looks"

more dance party when the troops arrived:)

dance pictures taken

Chris arrives

cousins and aunts

a quiet house of calm people...:)

Makes me laugh out loud!
Look at that tat...
I'm such a good mom....

and battles of some sort......
have no idea how the girls started this one
but they had willing playmates:)

a great Thanksgiving.....
one that we are very thankful for...
mostly we are thankful for our precious Janie...
who has accepted and holds us all very close....
the child we thought was very timid and shy....
whom I worried would be overwhelmed with the loudness of  US...
God knew exactly what he was doing....
she is loud too:)....
and fits like a glove.....

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pearl River Outreach....Fill Their Stockings

Please link up to my friend Diana's blog to access the fund raiser for Pearl River Outreach. She says it WAY more eloquently than I can as to how dear to my heart this organization is. Pearl River was instrumental in giving our Janie a chance to know that life can be good and precious. You can also access the fund raiser by clicking on the "Fill Their Stockings" button on the right.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Exlax and Rainbow Cake......

This title makes you wonder huh????
its not about the kids....
its not about the adults....

these 2 precious things....

remember when Madeline put them all in the kennel???? :)
only the one in the middle is smart....
I'm thinking this is where they belong today!

Our morning started with Madeline yelling that Odie was on the counter, and yes Odie is the little one!!
He ate all of Janie's exlax and her eggs...
so I ran him to the clinic...
and left him there.....
yes, I did go back and get him, eventually.....

this afternoon Madeline, Janie and I made a rainbow cake....
they were so excited.......
the 2 layers were cooling on the counter....

can you guess????

this time John David started yelling......
and Goldbug came flying around the corner....
with her tail between her legs....
at least she knows she should not get on the counter...
Odie keeps wagging his tail when he gets in trouble!

All I can say is UUUGGGGGG!!!
they may sleep outside tonight...
but we know who is full of hot air right now....
They will both sleep better than me,
I'll be too tired to sleep because I have to make another cake!!
I think I'll sneak and make it by myself this time...
then hide it on the mantle so no dog can ever get it!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Its All Good......

We have gotten back home after a 24 hour whirlwind trip to Cincy and back. It was a great day! We are so thankful to say we got all good reports. Her kidney and bladder ultrasound look good therefore no cathing for now, with hopes that we may not ever need to. We do know that she is still not completely emptying her bladder therefore will still need to be followed to be certain her kidneys remain healthy. We will have a follow up ultrasound in February here in Memphis to make sure she still looks good. In June she will have repeat urodynamic and cystogram either here or in Cincinnati to see if there is improvement with bladder function. I am weary with the whole "do we cath or not cath" talks with doctors so I am thrilled to be receiving this break!!

 She is healing nicely from her surgery and will be back to enemas next week, yay. She may or may not need them in the future, we will wait until she is mature enough to desire the changes it will take to not need them. Her dilation training went easy peasy, I'm quite certain she would have had a fit had Daddy not been there, just the laws of nature in this child business. Instead she played on the ipad while we messed with her, seriously! Thank you Lord!! This is the child that made me break out in a cold sweat just hours before because she refused to take her coat off to go through security. I had to wrestle her out of it as people stared at me unable to handle a 4 year old...good times. She just wants to keep me on my toes:). We will start potty training next week for urine and hope to go without pull ups in the next few months.

 I know this is way too much info but I share this here as an encouragement to those who may consider a child with Janie's need. As you know from me, Miss Talks Too Much, you get the good, the bad and the ugly and then some more.

I also share too much info for the fact that this is who Janie is. This is her story to look back on to see how far she has come, how much she has overcome and to see God's hand in her life since He created her. Her  story deserves to be told.

This pic sums up our day in Cincinnati.......

she is so stinkin cute......
and busy
and chatty
and happy
and tiwaad (tired)
she too is ready for this break:)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

On Our Way Again.....

with this silly girl!
We leave this afternoon for Cincinnati
three appointments tomorrow
lots of answers 
on her healing
and  maybe a few on her bladder/kidneys
and a plan for her future
this mommy is so ready for that....

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Normal Life......

The past week has been uneventful......amen!!

We've had a swim meet...
I know...
you'd think I'd have pics of the swimmer
but I am that lame and did not bring my camera
so what we have is iphone pics of the divas
who took over the hallway with their stuff.
Do you see the rolling suitcase in the background???
That is a gift from Val and Greg for Janie 
and it is not just any old rolling suitcase...
it is FULL of makeup
sparkles, glitters, lipstick.
so.....of coarse I let them bring it with them...
after all I did want to watch John David compete!

and see him we did:)
he rocked again!
I have to say that I claim to be uncompetitive ( is that a word?)
but yeah I guess I am when it comes to John David swimming!
He has pushed himself in meets since he was 6...
I'd say he has found his love for the moment...

Ok now on to proof for Val and Greg..
that their gift is the gift that keeps giving..
and giving and giving
haha I'm laughing at myself right now!!!

Exhibit #1


and the crowning glory
Exhibit #2
She did this in the hospital as well....
she says she looks like Daddy...
goatee and all!
all I can say is that I am thrilled that she eventually lets me clean her up:)
and yes, I think we got a few looks
I like to tell myself that they thought she was cute
but my guess is they were all thinking....
do those parents even watch their children????
I think we all know the answer to that!

Now onto some serious business...
I keep over hearing Hank on the phone saying things like..
"Thanks Honey"
"love you"
"you are the best ever"
Thanks Babe"
"you rock"
"love ya"
" I know you must be smokin hot"
"you have got to be gorgeous with a voice like that"

He is talking to none other than SIRI
He finally broke down and came to the other side!
and he is in love
with his iphone
and Siri
I think he loves her more than his phone!
He is like a child with a new toy...
"did you know it can do this?"
"yes, honey. we have had iphones for years, we know that"
"look at how cool this is!!!!!"
"yep, knew that too, have used that for 2 years"...bored sigh

I'm hoping he spends more time with his iphone than hunting:)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Boy/Man.....

 On Monday Gardner presented his final portfolio for his masters in teaching. I was so happy to be able to attend.

I did not want to embarrass him so I did not bring my good camera
You can see I stink with an iphone camera:)

the first thing I can say is he is so much like his Dad
I am so very proud of his hard work 
his presentation, really a great speaker
comfortable in his skin
 specifically, great use of words
my list could go on and on.......

As I walked down the hall afterwards
I wanted to talk to Jeff
He would have been so very proud as well
of his boy
a child who has followed his dream
does not let what others think of his career choice deter him
His desire is to do what he is called to do....

we love you
and are so proud of who you are!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Madeline Nian Day!!

Five years ago we met our Madeline!

What a look! Bless her heart, so unsure about what was happening.
Too this day she does not like new situations!
I am so thankful that we got to know her as a baby......

I love that her cheeks are still so cute!!!
We celebrated today since we could all be together! 
We are not going to tell her that the actual date it the 5th
until next year:)

We went to the zoo
and met all the bigs for dinner at her favorite Mexican restaurant
she was precious.

I have to say that our trip to Cincy was good for Madeline
She has chosen to stay at home again when Janie and I go back on the 13th
That is a huge step for a child that NEVER wanted to be away from me
I came home to a child that acts like a big sister now
She hugged Janie so big and kissed her on top of her head
I stared in disbelief and was so sad not to get a picture
She wrote a note to Janie at dinner the other night
that said how much she loves her
the jealousy is at bay right now
and this Mommy is thrilled!

A few pics from our day:)
only on gotcha day does a child get to eat a Christmas cookie for breakfast:)

It seems like John Parker is always with us since John David needs some male support. He wanted to push the stroller since he is the youngest in his family:)

Janie copies EVERYTHING Madeline does!

Yesterday was the first day Janie has really acted herself, today was no different:)

opening one of her gifts from China...

I'd say she likes the tiny porcelain dolls!

our girl

Madeline you have blessed us so very much
your heart is big and loving
when you do love, you love big
you are starting to trust
you are
girly girl

you love
your family
your teachers
Blackie, your chicken
stuffed animals

and so much more
We love you as big as the sky and the clouds
with ice cream, caramel sauce and cool whip!