Thursday, October 25, 2012

Starting to Feel Ground Hog Dayish.....

The days and hours are all falling together in a big ole blob. Miss Janie is tired of all the new people coming into our room and looking at her. She had a major fit over a diaper change again this morning but got it together after a bit. She is bossy and grouchy still and so is her Mommy!

I got her happy playing with color wonder markers and after 5 minutes she said "I tiiiiwwwwed, I don't like tiiiwwwwed". Poor thing just does not feel good. I did convince her to take her oral antibiotic finally. It is very hard to convince a 4 year old that she has to take medicine but can't drink anything!! Once convinced she kept putting it back in her mouth, my guess is that even medicine starts tasting good when you can't have anything. She has been a trooper about not eating or drinking. She has only asked a few times and I promise her that once she can eat she gets to choose anything she wants.

I have managed to get a few smiles out of her yesterday and today. Last night one of the nurses was a man with long hair and a beard wearing a rainbow tiedye shirt. He asked her if she would like him to put his hair in pig tails and she laughed, it was so funny. Gardner, I think he reminded her of you. She kept asking if he would come back to see her and he did. Another male nurse got her to laugh this morning when he had a hard time getting small gloves on, he acted like he was struggling with them and then shot them across the room into the trash like Daddy does:).

I think we will lose the pain pump today, so we will also lose some of the beeping as well. She goes for a time when she is not painful and then gets very uncomfortable. They have been giving her some Valium for for bladder spasms and that seems to be helping as well. She has been thrashing around this morning trying to get comfortable so she is about to get some happy medicine now:). I'm not thinking they will let me have any....hmmm:)

I'm anxiously awaiting an Ivy update from Mary. Last I heard she was in ICU from surgery, amen!

Here are a few pics that I could sneak in!

putting on make up

first smile when she got to get in the wagon:)

I did not even get this posted before pain management came and took her off the pump and off to the playroom we went. My rescuer Val met me up there and I went for a little run and ate some lunch. It felt so good to go outside. Thank you soooooo much Val for giving me some sanity this week!!!!

When I got back to the room Janie had received a wonderful gift from Diana and Jennifer. She LOVES her goodies and new gogolay!!! For those who don't remember we sent Janie a big pink dog to China and she brought it with her when we received her. She calls it gogolay (doggie) and now has a sister doggie to:)

we had to wear masks to while the nurse was hooking up a new med to her picc line
she wanted to send a picture to Gardner and Kendyl:)

playing in the playroom, 
I'm sure we will be frequent  visitors!!

playing with her loot from Diana and Jennifer:)

Go check out Mary's blog for an awesome Ivy update, I cried like a baby!!!
God has answered in such a beautiful way!!!