Sunday, October 28, 2012

Self Pep Talk......

We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel over here. It is so nice to think that we are beginning the last week here, amen!!! Hank was on the receiving end of a few melt downs on my part yesterday. I'm missing my family and it's tough being the only one getting the sassy end of the princess over here.

She got up this morning happy and talking about hamburgers, tomatoes, french fries, cucumbers, apples, chicken, chips, the list went on and on. Whenever anyone comes in our room she tells them what she is going to eat on Tuesday or Wednesday (Lord willing!!!). I'm looking forward to getting to eat when she is not asleep or trying to sneak out of the room to get something. My diet has been so weird these last few days!! Thankfully it does not bother her to see me drink anything. I have spent some time "looking out the window" while shoving in a zone bar:). She likes to go get coffee with me in the morning in the parent room. I microwaved some oatmeal and she asked me what it was. I told her it was oatmeal to use as a mask on my face to help my skin. She bought that!!! haha....... I "looked out the window" as I eat my breakfast every morning!

Here are a few things I'm thankful for as far as life in the hospital goes:

Messy ponytails are in style
You can wear your glasses for days on end
PJ's are acceptable clothing choices
Nurses act like they don't notice the huge zit on your nose (seriously it is my second nose)
Arguing with a 4 year old is as normal as breathing
watching tv for hours on end is recommended for said 4 year old
No showering for days is normal and acceptable behavior
Wearing swimming earplugs to bed ( I am so mad I did not think of this sooner than night two at 4 a.m. while child next door is screaming alllllllll.night.long. AGAIN because his lousy parents go who knows where all.night.long. I am so sad for this little boy, he is the cutest little boy!!! Our nurse said this happens a lot, parents going home or hotel to sleep, while little one stays by themselves........I cannot imagine doing that to a poor baby....sign.....)
Staying on computer too long when said 4 year old is watching tv too long and not feeling guilty
Playing with playdoh is a sport, I am actually getting quite artistic.....
Nurses who love their jobs
Artistic abilities improve.....Janie is finally not telling me "no do it like Lauren" haha, I've never been known for my artistic abilities!!!
Entertaining Male Nurses, Janie loves them!
"Fred" becomes wonderful comedy
Chocolate and wheat thins count as a meal
No discipline for 4 year olds, anything goes to make one happy
Knowing all the words to a Dora the Explorer episode
Wonderful playroom on the 6th floor ( wearing PJ's is acceptable there too)
Nice people in hospitals!
Last but most importantly my rescuer Val who allows me some moments of sanity:)

Ok I am going to focus on these things the next few days. Most of all I am thankful that we are in this hospital for a surgery that makes Janie's life more comfortable. I am thankful for CCH and their vast knowledge in this procedure. I know many families that have struggled through the maze of doctors to finally end up here for help. I am thankful to have been led here first!
Thank you for all the prayers for our girl!!