Saturday, October 27, 2012

Long Nights and Long Days.......

It is still Groundhog Day here......

I was brought back to reality this morning as a watched a little boy come into the play room with his family. The top of his head was shaved and he had a huge scar ear to ear. In the words of Jeff Mounce "it can always be worse". Our time here is merely and inconvenience, hard for us but an inconvenience nonetheless.I am not worried about Janie's ability to live a good long life, she will be able to have that and a more comfortable one now that she has had this surgery.

Now we will try to pass these days the best we can. Last night was super long as Janie got up many times for various reasons and the little boy next door cried.all.night.long........

Janie has had a good day so far, we visited the play room and she played with toy food of all things and never acted as if she has not eaten in 7 days.

We now have a truce in the diaper changing area, she stands up and holds all the thingys I need and helps...working soooooo much better!!! Also I tell her she gets a token each time and she told me I have to lose one each time:). Hank, start adding a bunch of tokens for her in her cup!!!! My punishment will be time out to my bedroom when I get home!!!

I miss my family!!!!!!

playing in the "kitchen"

snuggled up and watching Mirror Mirror
I can not tell you how thankful I am for Netflix
It ROKKS (that was for you Uncle John:)

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God is performing some miracles
in precious Ivy Joy:)