Monday, October 22, 2012

Let the Games Begin......

We checked into the hospital bright and early this morning. Janie is not as trusting this visit, thinking she is suspecting something....ya think????

So far she was sedated for her picc line placement, thank goodness, and a gtube placed down her nose for clean out, that was not fun..... She has gotten sick a few times but after some zofran she is snoring away......wondering when the free falling of poo will start?????

Janie seems sad today since so much has been happening to her, she has had her uncertain "China" face on:(

Child life has been great, bringing her crafts ect......

We'll keep you posted. Surgery is now scheduled for 12 tomorrow and should last 3-4 hours we were just told:)

picc lines are cool when getting blood work! 

that's the best smile I could get, sweet baby

You have to go check out Lauren's blog here to see what a cool sitter she is, I'm still laughing!!