Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In Surgery.......

Janie was so happy all morning until they came to take us down for surgery. She was frozen sitting on the bed ,a nurse took one look at her, gave her some versed and she was smiling:). She started saying poopy pants and smiling, it was so cute. This Mommy needed that! We were able to be with her until they put her to sleep. Hopefully they will be done around 2 eastern time.

One funny thing she did yesterday: When she was on the potty I tried to sneak a bite of a cookie where she could not see me, I went back in the bathroom after drinking water too and she said, "hey what is that's cookies", and let out a long sigh. haha! Don't think I'll be able to pull one over her over these next 7-10 days!! She has been ok with me drinking coffee so far so hopefully that will continue!

Thanks to all our family and friends for all the prayers!!