Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Going Home!!!!!

Our sweet nurse practitioner Kimberly just gave us the thumbs up for release TODAY!!!
I will be taught all the ends and outs of catheter care, bags, laxatives ect and home we go.
To say I am excited to be going home is an understatement!!! A very sweet lady with Delta moved
our tickets to this afternoon and waived the fees since Janie has been hospitalized.
 We will get home around 6:00 this evening.

Again, thank you for all the prayers. This has been a hard yet worthwhile trip to Cincinnati. I am very thankful for God's mercy on Janie and a successful surgery. The next few weeks will be a challenge with managing her bowels and cath but thankfully it is only 2 weeks and we will be at home!!

I'd better go pack up our room, we will look like the Beverly Hillbillies trying to get all our stuff out of this hospital. Thankfully my guardian angel Val will help us. I figure we will look just like we did when we moved all our stuff into the dorm many many many years ago, only we will have the "help" of prissy pants:)