Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kids Tri...

Sunday marked the 4th year John David has competed in the kids triathlon. Every year he looks forward to it:) He placed for the first time this year, 2nd in the 10 year old division.
As usual, a great fun day!

the girls were ready to go find their brother...

Dad helping JD set up, after all he is the tri pro of the family

Luke, John David and Graham

LOVE how you can see her hand in motion!!!

getting ready:)

always have one of these pics!!

John David is on the right and Taylor is on the left. They swim together on swim team and have a fun rivalry between them since they are usually neck in neck:)

notice them laughing haha

John David still in front but not laughing now:)

He beat Taylor this year but there is always the pool in the future:)

and just to show it was a normal day in the life!

They had another great time this year!