Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hankism Rebuttal - posted by Hank

In my defense.....

Running out of bullets is like running out of gas in an airplane, it's just a real problem.  Ok, so I have extra clips strategically placed in our cars and around the house.... it just makes sense to me.  I ask the question.....How can a man have too many bullets in a shootout?

I write the date I start running in a pair of shoes with a sharpie.  I try to run about 500 miles in a pair and then I wash them and wear them to work.   I think that makes perfect else will I know when I started running in them?

Why take a chance on running out of peanut butter.  It's just not worth it so I make no aplogy for calling 2 jars an emergency.  It was an emergency then and it will be in the future if we get down to 2 jars.  I call this an inventory control problem and Paige clearly knows the re-order point is around 5 jars.  And she knows I get jittery when we get down around 4.

I only have one extra Blackberry phone.  If one dies, I'm ready to roll.  I don't know what she is talking about saying I have 4.  However, that may be a good investment as they are likely going to become collectors items.  You gave me a great idea Paige...our financial future is secure!

Admittedly, I did hang on to the Casio organizers too long.  But, I sold the 12 or 13 I had stockpiled on Ebay for a profit. 

The pocket knives I have (12 or 13 identical) are not made anymore and collectors items.  If I don't lose them all I will make money on them and at the current rate I have enough until I'm 130.  My calculations may be off a bit because I may lose them at a faster rate as I get older....I didn't factor that in.

The reading glasses issue.....OK so I am an idiot.  In my defense, I am new to the needing reading glasses game.  I used my time tested formula of buying enough for my life expectancy and this time it simply isn't going to work.  I have about 15 pairs of 1.25's and I had no idea that I would need to continue to increase their strength over time.  You will be glad to know I am developing a spreadsheet that tells me exactly how many of each strength to buy so I have the next 30-40 years covered.  I think I can sell my 15 pairs and break even minus the shipping.

I'm not even going to defend the boots.  I took one look in Paige's closet at her shoes....I am not even going to defend the boots.

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