Friday, September 21, 2012

Catch Up...

I forgot to add my pics of Tough Enough....... John David's LAST year wahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Each class "races" and the 5th grade gets to run the farthest, around the school. Most of them really look forward to this big event:)

got tatoos:) Janie only wanted to because Madeline did!

the "China" look as she was getting it. I kept telling her she did not need to get one but she had to because of her sister!

Madeline and Marin:)

5th grade singing the pledge

I LOVE how Janie is leaning on Madeline

Does Janie not look like the little sister that has to be involved in EVERYTHING????

contemplating his race

He is truly a swimmer, just sayin.....

got 8th place:)

I LOVE this pic.....Carson ran to hug her brother when he got first place!!

just cute:)

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