Friday, September 28, 2012

Finding Her Rhythm....

Janie has been showing us a different side of her during these past few weeks. Tantrums......long ones......die hard not giving up and refusing to say "sorry" or "please".

This morning was a perfect example. As soon as she got up and crawled up on the couch with me, she asked for a drink and before I could even answer she fell back and started kicking those feet together like I was going to tell her "no". My thought this is how it is today!!!:)

The morning continued with many little battles with me praying my way through them. Battles of not wanting any socks to wanting socks to going through 4 pairs of socks to finally wearing socks.......changing her pull up and not wanting the one I had and having to dump out the entire box of pull ups to find the exact one she wanted.....falling on the floor because, I don't even remember why.....think I was praying to keep it together at the time!!!

Then........she is ready to go with her "duckys" for show and tell and a big ole smile on her face. I had to take a picture since it was hard to believe this little angel was so not a little angel all morning. Oh the life of a 4 year old.

when I uploaded my pics I labeled them
"Janie Brat"
just because it made me laugh
and I like to laugh
not fight
with a 4 year old!

So.... I took her happy little self to school and went to my happy place, the pool. I love to swim. It is my "nothing" from any noise but the water. I do all my praying, problem solving and deep thinking in that pool. I push myself hard and generally just feel better about life when I am finished. Many a day Hank can just take one look at me and say "I'm thinking you may want to go swim or run". I know he is motivated by the fact that I'm nicer when finished:)

As I swam today I just could not get a rhythm, fighting the water instead of going with it. Thoughts were running through my mind about how some days swimming or running feel so great and other days it is plain hard and you can't get a good rhythm going. I had been praying for Janie and it hit me...that is what she is doing. She has lost her rhythm with our family. She has gone from her world in China to her world with her new family and sometimes it is just plain hard on her. This precious child is struggling in her own way....fits, bossiness, refusing to say please ect. Madeline struggles many days with her place in this world and now Janie is showing me this side as well. I know through my experiences with Madeline,that once she works it out in her little mind she is oh so precious and sweet. My job is to help Janie work through this with understanding and love. I am learning to pray my way through these battles and try not to get caught up in them! I am thankful that this is a season and she will heal and grow over time. Oh how we love this child, brat and all:)

Ecclesiastes 3:1
"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens"

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kids Tri...

Sunday marked the 4th year John David has competed in the kids triathlon. Every year he looks forward to it:) He placed for the first time this year, 2nd in the 10 year old division.
As usual, a great fun day!

the girls were ready to go find their brother...

Dad helping JD set up, after all he is the tri pro of the family

Luke, John David and Graham

LOVE how you can see her hand in motion!!!

getting ready:)

always have one of these pics!!

John David is on the right and Taylor is on the left. They swim together on swim team and have a fun rivalry between them since they are usually neck in neck:)

notice them laughing haha

John David still in front but not laughing now:)

He beat Taylor this year but there is always the pool in the future:)

and just to show it was a normal day in the life!

They had another great time this year!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Catch Up...

I forgot to add my pics of Tough Enough....... John David's LAST year wahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Each class "races" and the 5th grade gets to run the farthest, around the school. Most of them really look forward to this big event:)

got tatoos:) Janie only wanted to because Madeline did!

the "China" look as she was getting it. I kept telling her she did not need to get one but she had to because of her sister!

Madeline and Marin:)

5th grade singing the pledge

I LOVE how Janie is leaning on Madeline

Does Janie not look like the little sister that has to be involved in EVERYTHING????

contemplating his race

He is truly a swimmer, just sayin.....

got 8th place:)

I LOVE this pic.....Carson ran to hug her brother when he got first place!!

just cute:)

Monday, September 17, 2012

New Bloggy Look

Thank you my sweet Allie for my bloggy makeover!!! I love it!!!
You definitely did not get your talent from your mother:)
You captured each of us so well
even the animals!!!

Check out Allie's button on the side
Little Owl Designs

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Uncertain World of Madeline.....

today was Madeline's first day of soccer and she has been soooooo excited. A few minutes on the field and all uncertainty took over her little heart. It was all new and she is not into all new. Needless to say, she did not play but we will try again next weekend if she is willing. As I looked over these pics I see her concern written ALL over her face and it breaks my heart hurt for her. I know she will overcome these fears in time as she has come such a long way just over this past month. She melts my heart every time I look into her eyes.

nuff said!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Six Months!!!

Mark 10:14  " Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."

We have had our Janie with us for 6 months now!

 Lately I have been dwelling on my life and where I am now. I was watching Janie and Madeline playing in the pool this past weekend and was mesmerized by them just being here, in my backyard, calling me Mommy. I can't explain how I got here. All I know is that God decided to change me for the better due to Jeff's passing. Something like throwing all hopes to the wind and jumping on for the ride. I became fearless for the future due to having faced one of my worst fears. I grasped that life was not to be feared but embraced, that God's plan would happen whether I liked it or not. I could embrace and accept, or fight. I decided not to fight.

Fast forward years later and God started haunting me with thoughts of the little girl we were sponsoring. I would wake up at 3 a.m., start crying for no reason for her. I remember many nights getting up and praying and wondering if I was losing my sanity. Now it makes me cry knowing what God was up to all those nights. He decided we were to be Li Qing Zhong's parents and thankfully we accepted. Her way to our family will always be unbelievable to me, one because I'm old and two because Hank and I had never talked seriously about going back to China. I cannot express in words my thankfulness for God's plan for his precious Janie Qing Qing and for our family.

Years ago when I stopped worrying for my future I had no idea of God's wonderful blessings for my family, nor the wild ride we would take. These past six months have been wonderful, horrible, gratifying, draining, crazy, full of laughter and tears, exhausting, rejuvenating, frightening, joyful, the list goes on with many contradictions. This is exactly what God promises us. He uses the hard to make us stronger in Him. He also uses the complete joy of watching your child flourish to touch your soul in ways we can never could have imagined.

Happy six months our precious Janie!! We are so very thankful for you and love you as big as the sky and tomatoes!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hankism Rebuttal - posted by Hank

In my defense.....

Running out of bullets is like running out of gas in an airplane, it's just a real problem.  Ok, so I have extra clips strategically placed in our cars and around the house.... it just makes sense to me.  I ask the question.....How can a man have too many bullets in a shootout?

I write the date I start running in a pair of shoes with a sharpie.  I try to run about 500 miles in a pair and then I wash them and wear them to work.   I think that makes perfect else will I know when I started running in them?

Why take a chance on running out of peanut butter.  It's just not worth it so I make no aplogy for calling 2 jars an emergency.  It was an emergency then and it will be in the future if we get down to 2 jars.  I call this an inventory control problem and Paige clearly knows the re-order point is around 5 jars.  And she knows I get jittery when we get down around 4.

I only have one extra Blackberry phone.  If one dies, I'm ready to roll.  I don't know what she is talking about saying I have 4.  However, that may be a good investment as they are likely going to become collectors items.  You gave me a great idea Paige...our financial future is secure!

Admittedly, I did hang on to the Casio organizers too long.  But, I sold the 12 or 13 I had stockpiled on Ebay for a profit. 

The pocket knives I have (12 or 13 identical) are not made anymore and collectors items.  If I don't lose them all I will make money on them and at the current rate I have enough until I'm 130.  My calculations may be off a bit because I may lose them at a faster rate as I get older....I didn't factor that in.

The reading glasses issue.....OK so I am an idiot.  In my defense, I am new to the needing reading glasses game.  I used my time tested formula of buying enough for my life expectancy and this time it simply isn't going to work.  I have about 15 pairs of 1.25's and I had no idea that I would need to continue to increase their strength over time.  You will be glad to know I am developing a spreadsheet that tells me exactly how many of each strength to buy so I have the next 30-40 years covered.  I think I can sell my 15 pairs and break even minus the shipping.

I'm not even going to defend the boots.  I took one look in Paige's closet at her shoes....I am not even going to defend the boots.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Back in 2000 I did not believe I would 
ever laugh again.
My warpishly funny husband of 16 years had died
and I believed with all my heart that
I would never laugh again.

Then God gave me Hank
I laugh again
alot AT him I must say
he is so stinking entertaining

Here are just a few Hankisms

The other day I noticed a scary looking "whatchamacallit" 
in the holder on the side of my drivers door of my suburban.
I left Hank a message telling him I found his
whatever you call it thingy that I think goes to your gun

Here is the text I received back from him:

 and yes he is "Hanky" in my phone because that is just what we call him
no explanation
we just do

Next Hankism:

that is my straightening iron
125 dollars of it
I dropped it on the floor
during one of my "oh so pleasant"
Sunday mornings
(seriously, why do Sunday mornings have to be so psycho???)

Anyway I just could not bear to pay that much money again
Hank said he could fix it
My thought was "yeah right"
but secretly I really hoped he could
since he can fix almost everything
from lawn mowers ( yes my fault too)
to now straightening irons

this is what he said when he handed it to me
and I had to have him repeat it to me verbatim right now:)
"I used an orthopedic plate and orthopedic screws
and repaired it about like I would a Schnauzer's tibia,
minus the JBweld - we don't us that in surgery
It's a heck of a repair!"

And lastly
( I don't feel like taking a picture)
is that at ANY given time
there are at least 6 jars of peanut butter in the pantry
All the bigs friends teased us about our enormous amount of peanut butter
I once got a text from Hank telling me that we had an emergency of 
"enormous proportions"
I HAD to get some peanut butter soon,
we were almost out!
When I got home from the grocery to put it away
there stood two unopened jars 
I truly believe his belief that it was an emergency:)

this tendency to overbuy anything that you may die without 
also goes with

 (and he has no hair) makes me lol
pool chemicals 
(which, yes I promised to do when we put the pool in 
and have NEVER done it, but we had a baby and adopted 2 more
so I'm still sticking to that as my story)
blackberry phones
thinking he has 4 extras
just in case
(John David and I  harass him to come to the other side, iphone)
casio organizers
(he sold those on ebay when he finally clued into the fact that they were extinct, and someone bought them!) 
pocket knives
(I'm afraid to know how many he has in the safe)
reading glasses
(I laughed out loud when I found 20 pairs in his bedside drawer, oh and they are all 125's)
he ha

Oh my goodness I almost forgot 
the SHOES!!
he writes dates on his running shoes
to know how long he has to run in them you know..
then they become work shoes..
 they all look EXACTLY the same
except for the expiration date written on the side!
 and the boots....
3 pairs I'm telling you
EXACTLY the same
but meant for different purposes that none of us can imagine
but it means a lot to him
these shoes!

Just sayin
IF we ever have that big ole earthquake
in Memphis
Hank is the man
I tease him that he already knows where to find water, and he does:)
you just never know what could happen!

we love you 
and can't imagine not laughing as much as we do!

Friday, September 7, 2012

A Day In The Life....Iphone pics

I found about eleventy billion of these on my phone today, made me laugh out loud.
Who knew Zach was taking pics???? Maybe his dad in the background!!

We miss you crazy Zach!!!

Ralph's latest used to be the kids that messed up the coffee table!

Showing Daddy her artwork at open house last night

Showing Janie a fun app

This is the way she rolls!!
Man my house is a mess, amazing what you don't notice until you see a pic!!!
I'm choosing not to look at any more pics!!