Monday, August 27, 2012

Janie's First Day of Preschool!!

She did much better than her mother:) I have decided I don't even know myself!! My best friend just sent her baby off to college and we have laughed about how I will probably not cry since I will be 64 when Janie goes to college. Well, today I felt exactly like I did when Allie went to preschool some 21 years ago!! I was worried she would be sad and miss me, worried she would feel sad when she took a nap, the worry went on and on.....for a shorter time though:)

When I picked her up she had just woken up and did not say much, so I worried again! By the time she got in the car she was all smiles and loved her friends, teachers, her lunch and her nap mat. So, I'd say a good day. Mommy had a good day too, oh how I love to swim and not be in a huge hurry!!:)

I LOVE this pic!!!! Oh those legs!!!!