Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Good Night!

Janie had a great night! We both slept, and that is such a great surprise!! The nurses here at LeBobonheur are stealthy at night:), seriously, no lights flipped on, no beeping; best hospital night stay yet!

The hope is that we can go home this afternoon but we have to make sure her bladder will cooperate. If she is able to urinate on her own we are good to go. The catheter will be removed this morning sometime so we will wait and see.

She has been a wonderful patient. Allie, Gardner and Kendyl came to see her last night so all was well in her little world. She has eaten like a champ and not once did she try to sit up. We have officially made it through 24 hours laying flat. This morning she is still afraid to move because of the pain in her back but not really fussing about pain either. I am so thankful. She makes me not dread our upcoming surgery in October quite so much!

                                                           Acting silly.....

                             She watched Spy Kids eleven billionty times!! Thank heavens!

                                  All is well in her world, with her new monkey and eating chickooon(chicken)

                                                          Our view of the Memphis skyline!!!