Friday, August 17, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten and 5th!!

I am finally getting around to loading my pictures. School started on Monday. Madeline has had a great week and John David loves it but is overwhelmed with all the changes that come with 5th grade.

Going to meet our teachers...

This was the actual first full day of class. I LOVE Madeline's sweet kinda smile!!

I have been concerned about Madeline's adjustment to Kindergarten. She was worried that she would not love her teacher. Each year she worries about this:) We talked about how it is ok to love more that one teacher. Yesterday she said, "OK, I like Mrs. Templeton" , she sighed as she said it!! Mrs Templeton emailed me to let me know how great M has been and how happy she is ect. When I kissed Madeline good night I shared the email with her. She said, " OK, I'm thinking I'm going to love her". She sounded like she was just giving up and accepting it!! haha!!! Big steps for this sweet little girl!!!

John David's class was inducted into the Citizenship Council this morning. Each child is asked to volunteer for a "job" throughout the year to serve. John David will be helping the younger children in the early morning room each morning and helping with the school's recycling program.

Making their pledge

JD's class. Man my iphone pics stink in this light!! Oh well, better than nothing:)

So proud of this boy:)