Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One Year Ago.....

today..... God answered my prayers with a big ole "YES" when Stephanie with Great Wall called me at 10:30 p.m. to let me know that she was able to get Li Qing Zhong's file. I don't think I slept much at all that night as her file was questionable and I was so fearful Hank would say no! Well as we all know, Hank did not say no and we have this precious little girl as our daughter now. To say I am thankful that we did not say no to that questionable file is an understatement!

This is what we knew of her then:

oh my goodness!!
now that I know her 
I can't believe that is her!!
believe me we still get that "look"
but it used to BREAK my heart 
in a million pieces

I am so very thankful she is MY little girl now 
That God is allowing us to raise
and she is so very precious to me
whining and all!!

my girl today

Yep, she is a mess!!:)
and loved as big as the sky and tomatoes!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Janie's First Day of Preschool!!

She did much better than her mother:) I have decided I don't even know myself!! My best friend just sent her baby off to college and we have laughed about how I will probably not cry since I will be 64 when Janie goes to college. Well, today I felt exactly like I did when Allie went to preschool some 21 years ago!! I was worried she would be sad and miss me, worried she would feel sad when she took a nap, the worry went on and on.....for a shorter time though:)

When I picked her up she had just woken up and did not say much, so I worried again! By the time she got in the car she was all smiles and loved her friends, teachers, her lunch and her nap mat. So, I'd say a good day. Mommy had a good day too, oh how I love to swim and not be in a huge hurry!!:)

I LOVE this pic!!!! Oh those legs!!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cuts and Coyotes......

EARLY Saturday morning, like 3a.m., I am woken up to "*&#%, dang it, I cut my finger". I am so asleep I can't figure out what Hank is talking about. I listen to him go into the bathroom mumbling to himself, going through drawers, then leaving the room. The whole time I'm listening I am thinking, "HOW does someone cut his finger when sleeping?"

He gets back in bed and I sweetly say "What the heck?????"
His response; "A coyote was about to attack me so I took a swing at him, hey why did I not shoot him? Oh yeah, I didn't want my gun shot to startle the deer." It's all about the hunt even in his sleep. He dreams he is at war and saving people, chasing down mountain lions ect. It has to be exhausting to be in his head!!

He goes on to tell me he had to steri strip his finger, which really needed stitches from hitting his alarm clock so hard. I'm just glad it wasn't my head in the way of his fist......just sayin.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Wow is all I can say. I can't believe we are home so quickly. Janie went from not wanting to sit up at all to walking the halls this afternoon. We are praising God and so very thankful that all went so smoothly. She is one tough little girl, which the nurse got to experience this morning when she clamped down on her straw and refused to take her medicine:). That ended once she understood her back would not hurt if she took it! She is moving about the house as if she did not have surgery....crazy. Her gait is slightly different but could be from swelling from surgery. We will just have to wait and see, she could care less and does not seem to notice. I really think it is a little better tonight??? A few pics from the day:)

Acting silly....

this girl loves some chicken noodle soup!!

I have not seen this in a while. Madeline admitted that she missed her sister:)
It's great to be back home!
Thank you for all the prayers!!!!!

Good Night!

Janie had a great night! We both slept, and that is such a great surprise!! The nurses here at LeBobonheur are stealthy at night:), seriously, no lights flipped on, no beeping; best hospital night stay yet!

The hope is that we can go home this afternoon but we have to make sure her bladder will cooperate. If she is able to urinate on her own we are good to go. The catheter will be removed this morning sometime so we will wait and see.

She has been a wonderful patient. Allie, Gardner and Kendyl came to see her last night so all was well in her little world. She has eaten like a champ and not once did she try to sit up. We have officially made it through 24 hours laying flat. This morning she is still afraid to move because of the pain in her back but not really fussing about pain either. I am so thankful. She makes me not dread our upcoming surgery in October quite so much!

                                                           Acting silly.....

                             She watched Spy Kids eleven billionty times!! Thank heavens!

                                  All is well in her world, with her new monkey and eating chickooon(chicken)

                                                          Our view of the Memphis skyline!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Out of Surgery!

Janie is in a room and sleeping. She had a rough time coming out of anesthesia but is good now. Thank heavens for pain killers! The Doctor is glad we decided to go ahead with the surgery since it ended up being one of the more abnormal that he has seen (MRI's just can't show it all). She would have many more deficits to come had we not had the surgery. So.... today we are very thankful!

Again today I am aware of God's plan for this precious daughter of mine. He told me to watch this miracle unfold and we are seeing part of it today. The "what if's"are going through my mind and thoughts of her life in China had God not called us.... makes me want to cry for hours.

Thanks for ALL the prayers!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Prayers For Surgery.....

Little Janie will be having surgery bright and early Monday morning to fix her tethered spinal cord. 
Please pray for her and the doctor during this procedure. The surgery should last 45-90 minutes and will only hospitalized for 1-2 days afterwards. In saying that, please pray for Madeline and John David while we are in and out for those few days. Madeline is always apprehensive when her routine is messed up. God has given us the sweetest sitter to help us during this crazy fall, so please pray for Lauren as she takes my place as needed and for the bigs who will be helping as well (such a shame that they have school or real jobs now:)

Friday, August 17, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten and 5th!!

I am finally getting around to loading my pictures. School started on Monday. Madeline has had a great week and John David loves it but is overwhelmed with all the changes that come with 5th grade.

Going to meet our teachers...

This was the actual first full day of class. I LOVE Madeline's sweet kinda smile!!

I have been concerned about Madeline's adjustment to Kindergarten. She was worried that she would not love her teacher. Each year she worries about this:) We talked about how it is ok to love more that one teacher. Yesterday she said, "OK, I like Mrs. Templeton" , she sighed as she said it!! Mrs Templeton emailed me to let me know how great M has been and how happy she is ect. When I kissed Madeline good night I shared the email with her. She said, " OK, I'm thinking I'm going to love her". She sounded like she was just giving up and accepting it!! haha!!! Big steps for this sweet little girl!!!

John David's class was inducted into the Citizenship Council this morning. Each child is asked to volunteer for a "job" throughout the year to serve. John David will be helping the younger children in the early morning room each morning and helping with the school's recycling program.

Making their pledge

JD's class. Man my iphone pics stink in this light!! Oh well, better than nothing:)

So proud of this boy:)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Matilda Jane!!

My friend Courtney and I are hosting our Matilda Jane show on Thursday the 16th as we always do:) I'm putting it out here in case  someone does not have a show to order from yet. You can go online on the 15th email me your order and I will send to my rep for my show.  Just give me your contact info and I will call you to get credit card ect. Happy shopping!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

In Motion......

allllllll the time:)

Janie swims "backstroke" constantly:)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Celebrating Julianne's 21st!!

What happened to my baby???? I can't believe she will be 21 on the 15th!!!! We celebrated last Friday night since she had to leave for school on Sunday. Her last year of college........what happened to all the time??? I guess alot of it was spent getting to and going to China:)

Happy birthday my sweet girl. We are so proud of who you are!!!!!

Janie giving her "cool" look!

Kendyl is laughing because I told Madeline I would take her to Target if she would smile for one pic and this is what happened hahaha

I'm thinking we were not a quiet crew that night as was apparent by the pics!! We were going to get a sitter for the girls but Julianne wanted them there if " they could be good". We weren't worried about Janie, but should have!!! As you can see, she was the life of the party as I think will follow her all of her days!! Notice she was never in her seat:) Madeline was the one we worried about and she was an angel, her gift to Julianne:)

Happy birthday sweet girl! We love you and miss you!!!