Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What We Have Been Up Too......

We have been trying to stay busy in our free time away from the hospital. Val and Greg took us to a Cincinnati Reds game on Saturday night. I am so impressed with this town. It reminds me of Knoxville, just bigger and nicer:)

Caroline, Val and Hank on their iphones:)

Greg was the chosen one!!

Yesterday we went to a children's water park to burn off some energy before bedtime!

                                                             Dylan and John David have had a lot of fun together
                                                                  actually I think Dylan saved John David's sanity!!
                as you can see from this pic, John David tries so hard with his sisters!!!

Just heard back form the nurse that the x ray today was clear so we will keep trying this "recipe"; so far so good!! Our next hurdle will be trying to get to the hospital for testing at 7:30 a.m.Thursday and administering the enema before we go. It will be an EARLY morning for sure. Hopefully we will have good test results on Friday and head on home, whooooo hooooooo!!! I'm missing my normal life, not that is is so normal:)
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