Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Results......

First off I have to say how awesome Cincinnati Childrens Hospital is, the collorectal center is great. Janie did so well today. She had to wait until 12:30 to be taken back and kept asking for tomatoes:)

The best news is that her ureter is correctly in place and we will have to wait until next week to find out if she has bladder control (complete emptying) when testing is done on Thursday.  She will have to have surgery to enlarge her anal canal and to fix a fistula between the vaginal and anal wall. So.......we think we will try to schedule in October some time and will get training tomorrow for daily enemas. Dr. Levitt is hopeful that she will be able to have bowel control some time after her surgery, worst case is to have the Malone proceedure which will make enema giving much more comfortable for her if she has to have them indefinately. We are praying for bowel control after surgery and for complete bladder control. We can start potty training for bladder now if her testing comes back perfect:)

We have a week to go here and will start the process to learn the enema proceedure with daily abdominal x rays. Other than that we are pretty free until next Thursdays tests:)

My sweet friend and college roommate has been hosting our crazy family!!! John David and her youngest son Dylan have been having a great time together. We are so thankful for Val and her family!!!!! Staying here has made life so normal!! One of her daughter's birthday is tomorrow and her husband's big 50 is next weekend so our timing is not great, but you would never know it. Thank you my sweet friend!!!!!!

I think today I am most aware of how wonderful our God is. I am so very thankful we did not have all of Janie's anatomy and testing in writing in her medical file. I can't trust how I would have reacted and what I may have thought was too much for our family. God knew though and knew exactly where he wanted this precious little girl to be, with us. We love her to pieces and as I have said many times, she is easy to love. She is quite endearing. We are trusting that He will get us though a surgery and all it entails for our family.

I am most thankful for my sweet husband. Anyone who really knows Hank, knows that he is a worst case scenario kind of guy, always prepared and willing to take it on. He is so very calm and encouraging about his Janie. I knew this about him as he struggled through the adoption process. And he has proven my belief in him. He is his Janie's daddy and her biggest cheerleader, not even worried about her, and he is a worrier. So......for this I am so very thankful. Thank you Hanky!!