Saturday, July 28, 2012

Giving Thanks......

I Thes 5:18
"Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Jesus Christ."

We are so thankful to be home and done with testing for now. We did not get all the results we hoped for but the sassy little peanut just does not miss a beat.  The tests on Janie's bladder function show that her bladder does not fully empty and she does not have adequate bladder contractions, basically she has to work too hard to go. So no potty training for now. We will have to play the wait and see game. The hope is that after her bowel surgery and tethered cord surgery we will see improvement. Worse case scenario is cathing. 

I've had a few days to wrap my mind around all the doctors differing thoughts and I'm good with it. We can do this. My hope is that she will not have to cath but I also know she can live a very productive life even if she does have to. I'm not thinking she will let much keep her down. We are at a week of daily enemas and she is such a trooper. She is so proud of herself that she does not have "poopy" diapers anymore:). The whole enema process was somewhat daunting to me at first and is just not a big deal now. It sure helps that Hank is a pro with IV bags ect and knew what to do. We did not experience any of the horror stories of botched enemas, just imagining it is too much information! 

Anyhow, we are settling back into our routine at home and it sure feels good. No more little girls following me around and!! AMEN to that!! I'm sure sweet Val is so thankful to have her house back and all the drama gone!! Many thanks to you sweet friend for helping get us through many trying days. The wine was nice too:)

Right now I feel as if we are at a new beginning for Janie. I'm not looking forward to the surgeries she will have to endure but I know her life will be better because of them. I'm very thankful we have such a great hospital in Cincy that offers so much help for children with this special need! My heart hurts just thinking of what she would have to endure if she remained in China much longer. Janie has taught me that I can embrace and accept all the inconveniences (which is all they are) of her defect just as she has chosen to embrace and accept us as her family. I am truly amazed of her love for us as short of a time that she has been with us. Her little smile just says it all about her. She oozes sweetness. Now, she can be a little obstinate sassy girl but I can't fault her that:), if I get her mind of whatever is upsetting her it is over!

Here are some iphone pics of our time away from home:

first look at the beach

ferris wheel in Pensacola

can you tell we are rednecks??? Hank and Julianne had gone to bring us back ice cream and saw the ferris wheel and came back to get us, yes John David and Janie have on pj's:)

the view out our "nice" hotel on the way to Cincinnati......

waiting on her procedure, have I said how awesome Cincinnati Childrens is???? They don't put in the IV until put to sleep!!!:)

John David and Dylan at a trampoline park

crazy girl eating ice cream at a festival

love how my girls picked out boy toys!!!

passing the time swimming, not bad!!

showing off her new glasses. I think too much money was spent at Target trying to entertain the girls. Oh Hank, don't worry.....I just spent $15:)

                       Val has a dog just like Goldbug. This is Wally, such an awesome dog. A nurse asked Janie her dogs name and she said "Wally" haha!!
Getting blood drawn. This nurse was and ANGEL. Janie has very small veins, her IV was in her ankle. Janelle got what she needed in minutes and not a tear was shed!

All better!!!