Saturday, July 28, 2012

Giving Thanks......

I Thes 5:18
"Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Jesus Christ."

We are so thankful to be home and done with testing for now. We did not get all the results we hoped for but the sassy little peanut just does not miss a beat.  The tests on Janie's bladder function show that her bladder does not fully empty and she does not have adequate bladder contractions, basically she has to work too hard to go. So no potty training for now. We will have to play the wait and see game. The hope is that after her bowel surgery and tethered cord surgery we will see improvement. Worse case scenario is cathing. 

I've had a few days to wrap my mind around all the doctors differing thoughts and I'm good with it. We can do this. My hope is that she will not have to cath but I also know she can live a very productive life even if she does have to. I'm not thinking she will let much keep her down. We are at a week of daily enemas and she is such a trooper. She is so proud of herself that she does not have "poopy" diapers anymore:). The whole enema process was somewhat daunting to me at first and is just not a big deal now. It sure helps that Hank is a pro with IV bags ect and knew what to do. We did not experience any of the horror stories of botched enemas, just imagining it is too much information! 

Anyhow, we are settling back into our routine at home and it sure feels good. No more little girls following me around and!! AMEN to that!! I'm sure sweet Val is so thankful to have her house back and all the drama gone!! Many thanks to you sweet friend for helping get us through many trying days. The wine was nice too:)

Right now I feel as if we are at a new beginning for Janie. I'm not looking forward to the surgeries she will have to endure but I know her life will be better because of them. I'm very thankful we have such a great hospital in Cincy that offers so much help for children with this special need! My heart hurts just thinking of what she would have to endure if she remained in China much longer. Janie has taught me that I can embrace and accept all the inconveniences (which is all they are) of her defect just as she has chosen to embrace and accept us as her family. I am truly amazed of her love for us as short of a time that she has been with us. Her little smile just says it all about her. She oozes sweetness. Now, she can be a little obstinate sassy girl but I can't fault her that:), if I get her mind of whatever is upsetting her it is over!

Here are some iphone pics of our time away from home:

first look at the beach

ferris wheel in Pensacola

can you tell we are rednecks??? Hank and Julianne had gone to bring us back ice cream and saw the ferris wheel and came back to get us, yes John David and Janie have on pj's:)

the view out our "nice" hotel on the way to Cincinnati......

waiting on her procedure, have I said how awesome Cincinnati Childrens is???? They don't put in the IV until put to sleep!!!:)

John David and Dylan at a trampoline park

crazy girl eating ice cream at a festival

love how my girls picked out boy toys!!!

passing the time swimming, not bad!!

showing off her new glasses. I think too much money was spent at Target trying to entertain the girls. Oh Hank, don't worry.....I just spent $15:)

                       Val has a dog just like Goldbug. This is Wally, such an awesome dog. A nurse asked Janie her dogs name and she said "Wally" haha!!
Getting blood drawn. This nurse was and ANGEL. Janie has very small veins, her IV was in her ankle. Janelle got what she needed in minutes and not a tear was shed!

All better!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What We Have Been Up Too......

We have been trying to stay busy in our free time away from the hospital. Val and Greg took us to a Cincinnati Reds game on Saturday night. I am so impressed with this town. It reminds me of Knoxville, just bigger and nicer:)

Caroline, Val and Hank on their iphones:)

Greg was the chosen one!!

Yesterday we went to a children's water park to burn off some energy before bedtime!

                                                             Dylan and John David have had a lot of fun together
                                                                  actually I think Dylan saved John David's sanity!!
                as you can see from this pic, John David tries so hard with his sisters!!!

Just heard back form the nurse that the x ray today was clear so we will keep trying this "recipe"; so far so good!! Our next hurdle will be trying to get to the hospital for testing at 7:30 a.m.Thursday and administering the enema before we go. It will be an EARLY morning for sure. Hopefully we will have good test results on Friday and head on home, whooooo hooooooo!!! I'm missing my normal life, not that is is so normal:)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Friends.......

We had the privledge to meet an awesome family today, Kevin, Christina and 3 of their 6 daughters. Christina was instrumental in our meeting our sweet Janie. We could have stayed at lunch for hours if poor John David would have let us:). He is such a trooper and handled himself well being the only boy with 5 girls for lunch!! Our families have so much in common. As we drove off, Madeline said she already missed the girls:)
               Sophie, Emme, Chloe, Janie, Madeline and John David

                                                            Five minutes later!!

Thank you Ross family for such a wonderful visit!!!

As far as Janie goes, we are having a great day. First enema done without a hitch and she was such a big girl. I am so very proud of her. So far so good today, praying the rest of the week goes as well!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Results......

First off I have to say how awesome Cincinnati Childrens Hospital is, the collorectal center is great. Janie did so well today. She had to wait until 12:30 to be taken back and kept asking for tomatoes:)

The best news is that her ureter is correctly in place and we will have to wait until next week to find out if she has bladder control (complete emptying) when testing is done on Thursday.  She will have to have surgery to enlarge her anal canal and to fix a fistula between the vaginal and anal wall. So.......we think we will try to schedule in October some time and will get training tomorrow for daily enemas. Dr. Levitt is hopeful that she will be able to have bowel control some time after her surgery, worst case is to have the Malone proceedure which will make enema giving much more comfortable for her if she has to have them indefinately. We are praying for bowel control after surgery and for complete bladder control. We can start potty training for bladder now if her testing comes back perfect:)

We have a week to go here and will start the process to learn the enema proceedure with daily abdominal x rays. Other than that we are pretty free until next Thursdays tests:)

My sweet friend and college roommate has been hosting our crazy family!!! John David and her youngest son Dylan have been having a great time together. We are so thankful for Val and her family!!!!! Staying here has made life so normal!! One of her daughter's birthday is tomorrow and her husband's big 50 is next weekend so our timing is not great, but you would never know it. Thank you my sweet friend!!!!!!

I think today I am most aware of how wonderful our God is. I am so very thankful we did not have all of Janie's anatomy and testing in writing in her medical file. I can't trust how I would have reacted and what I may have thought was too much for our family. God knew though and knew exactly where he wanted this precious little girl to be, with us. We love her to pieces and as I have said many times, she is easy to love. She is quite endearing. We are trusting that He will get us though a surgery and all it entails for our family.

I am most thankful for my sweet husband. Anyone who really knows Hank, knows that he is a worst case scenario kind of guy, always prepared and willing to take it on. He is so very calm and encouraging about his Janie. I knew this about him as he struggled through the adoption process. And he has proven my belief in him. He is his Janie's daddy and her biggest cheerleader, not even worried about her, and he is a worrier. So......for this I am so very thankful. Thank you Hanky!!


We are here at Cinncinatti Childrens waiting for Janie to be taken back for her procedure. It has been pushed back until 12:20 eastern time and will take an hour. We should be able to talk with Dr Levitt afterwards about his findings. Janie is doing great, just hungry! We will update once we have any news!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


the beach!! We arrived on Saturday to thunder storms, but that did not stop the Blue Angels Show!! They had to start a little late but beat the next storm coming in....

Janie was not so sure of the loud planes!

happy to be with JuJu again...

right before the show started we were able to get Janie on the beach for the first did not disappoint her, she was not scared a bit and she will try to keep me from holding her in the water:)

not wanting to be left out

the first of many times for John David to be took forever to get my lens from fogging up!

Life at the beach is so nice:)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Questions and Answers.......

As most of you know, we have many questions that need to be answered about Janie's special need (imperforate anus). We are leaving tomorrow for a few days at the beach with Ma Kitty and Grandpa Jim and then heading straight to Cincinnati for Janie's testing.  We will not get home for 2 full weeks, yikes!!!!

Janie will have her first procedure under anesthesia on Thursday the 19th. We will meet with the Dr on Friday to discuss the findings while starting her bowel training the same day. She will have an abdominal xray daily until the next Friday to observe what works best for her bowels. We could come home with some over the counter medications or daily enemas, and/or the need to redo her surgery done previously in China.

Janie's second procedure will be the next Thursday, the 26th. She will be having a urology formal urodynamics test, kidney ultrasound and a cystogram. We will meet with the Dr on Friday to discuss those findings. We are praying for perfect bladder function so she can potty train and not have to have spinal surgery (tethered cord) at this time.

Needless to say we are thankful to have a few days at the beach to unwind before all this starts. We are taking John David and Madeline with us to Cincinnati as well and staying with my very brave college roommate. She has 4 kids herself so she is not totally in the dark about the workings of chaos. I'm praying we don't push her right over the edge!! Hank will be flying home on Sunday the 22nd and then back on the 25th. Pray I can keep it all together for the few days without him!!

I am quite anxious about this process since it is an unknown. I like to plan:). I know God has it all together for us already and knows the outcome for Janie. We ask for prayers for the doctors for wisdom in reading her testing and clear results. We also ask for prayers that Madeline is able to go with the flow in a new situation and does not become overly anxious (which usually leads to major tantrums). Hopefully after a few days at my happy place I can put on my big girl panties and have a great attitude as we embark on stage 2 with our sweetie.

As far as sweet sassy Janie goes, we met her 4 months ago today. So hard for me to believe!!! She is so special to us and just makes us laugh. She can get quite sassy but one minute in time out and she is a softy:) She really is compliant and desires to please. She is very social and follows me around,! The joke really  is on me!!! According to all her pics from China, I thought she was very shy, scared and timid. So not our Janie, it was very likely she had that look on her face because she was not getting her way haha!!! We love her to pieces and as big as the sky and tomatoes:)

not getting her way, makes me laugh out loud!!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Janie and Daddy....

I was folding clothes today and could hear Janie calling her Daddy each time he rode by the door on the mower. She did NOT understand why he would not stop :). We flagged down the lawn boy and she got a fun ride........
they were spinning in circles here:)

She loves her Daddy!!

Madeline and I always say we love each other as big as the sky and the clouds. Janie has heard us say this many times. The other night as I was putting her to bed she said, "Mommy I lush you as big as the sky and.......(hesitation) tomatoes!!! Haha, she does love tomatoes!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Janie's First 4th of July......

Today was a good day. We have had some pretty rough days lately and today was a breath of fresh air......happy children, need I say more!

ALL the kiddos:)

I love that smile on Janie's face!!! She was so excited to give her daddy a birthday cake!

Janie's first look at fireworks!!!:)

She is still in love with Chris

she is the cutest thing ever!!!:)
Happy first 4th Janie!!!!!