Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In Need Of Some Humor!

It has been slightly harried over here lately. I imagine it will remain this way for a while as Madeline continues to I need some good ole humor which my husband gives me regularly just because he is who or what he is!!

Yes, Hank dresses the part of a redneck in his old work clothes that he refuses to give  throw away!! Occasionally, I tell him that most people just throw on a tshirt and shorts.
Just not an option for him
in all his redneckness....oh I jest!!
However, he does put up with my not a morning persona daily. 
He talks to me like it is 4 in the afternoon and I just want to crawl into the fetal position
in a hole in the ground and  make the world go away....
but I get a cup of coffee and I can keep up with him after a while.....
but it is hard..
he is mighty mouse on steroids the second BEFORE he gets out of bed DAILY!!!
Truly I wish I was him on some days...
does it not sound glorious to wake up in a good mood and
FULL of energy
Now I'm not lazy and can't "not be doing anything" either, 
(as evidenced by 6 kids)
but really he is a mess and so funny!!

His latest tangent of redneck behavior is this....

the Coop DeVille as he calls it
and yes that is cedar siding!

Makes me laugh to look at it.....
I was not laughing though when he worked
THREE staight weekends to make it..

Oh and it cost $15
That is what we tell each other when it costs too much:)

All humor aside, the kids LOVE these chickens:)