Sunday, May 20, 2012

What Can I Say........

.....some kids are just easy to raise. John David is one of those. One thing I have learned over the years of parenting is that I cannot take credit for all the good in my children. God has given me a job to do, which I take seriously, and other than that it is all His business. He created them and He takes care of them. He gave each one of them their strengths and weaknesses and He will see each one through their lives.

I do however get to enjoy them! Their triumphs are so very sweet to me! John David was awarded the citizenship award for his 4th grade class. A boy and girl are chosen from each class.

This is very true of John David:)

Next up was his Tennessee Play

each child has a speaking part, too bad I'm not an awesome photographer to catch this well!!

just a normal evening in our life:)

Janie already loves David!!

Lastly we have been swimming a little and Janie is a crazy girl!!! She just jumps in and oh so loves the pool!!! Hank said last night that it has all been worth it just listening to me laugh as Janie was jumping with abandon!!!:)

I love how she is looking at John David:)