Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day.....

We went to Horseshoe lake with Hank's partner and some other families. John David is hooked!! He asked why we did not own a lake house and after his Dad told him the many reasons he decided it may not happen:)

Just a few iphone pics of our great day, a first for Janie. She was in her element as she loves anything that has to do with water. Madeline even jumped off the dock, I'm certain because she was not about to be trumped by her little sister:)

the only pic of John David that was not upside down:( ???? what is up with that???

I had a bunch more pics but they are upside down for some reason, messed with it 11 billionty times and can't fix it. Oh weeee as Julianne used to say!!

summer.....hanging out the sunroof in the driveway, so reminds me of how my dad let us hang our heads out the sunroof in our VW van as we drove down Kingston Pike!!! Oh how the laws have changed:)