Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last Day of School....

This school year has creeped and flown by!! We started out the year hoping to bring Janie home. Two weeks into the school year God blessed us with obtaining her file. The weeks crept by until we finally knew we would travel during Spring break.......since then we have moved at a warped speed!!

I feel like I "missed" a lot of the kids school year being preoccupied.....sigh! Now I'm just so stinkin busy I make myself pay attention to the goings on every day:)

John David and Madeline both had a wonderful school year, with a trip to China to boot!!

Here are a few pics of their last day festivities.

fun at field day

John David's friends Caden, Kelan, and Wesley

John David and Harrison


these two are a mess!

Janie was not too sure what to make of it in the beginning. I was worried about her being overwhelmed by the people ect and then figured out that she wanted her own ice cream:)

some of the 4th grade boys

David and John David

amazing how entertaining it is to watch water evaporate...really that is what they were doing:)

John David trying to cheer up Janie. She was sad that she did not get a beach pail like Madeline. We went straight to the dollar store for one afterwards.......cause you do stuff like that in my book when a child never owned her own beach pail:)

signing shirts

Wesley, Graham and JD

I am looking forward to the next school year without all the stress of  waiting on our Janie. What will I do with myself???? I'm thinking the entire family will be a little saner. Is that a word? Don't think so but I'm going with it.....