Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Sweet Janie

We have been celebrating Janie's birthday for a few days now. She gets it a little but I think we have confused her by having her party on Sunday and then celebrating again today:)

We wore her out with a moon bounce and slide......

Seeing Elmo on her cake:)


Loved the bouncy house as well as the cheetos that you can see in her teeth!

Showing Madeline her Snow White costume

LOVE this one........she.did.not.stop.running!

hard to get up backwards in a slippery dress....John David to the rescue

Love this smile with Julianne, Anna and Chris

And she could not last a minute longer, she fell asleep drinking her water, sitting up!

don't worry, she will blow candles out again tonight!

Opening presents this morning, her look when she saw the baby doll:)

Janie, you have blessed us more than you can ever know. You are such a brave, sweet little girl. You have stolen all our hearts!! Happy Birthday Precious One!!!