Monday, May 14, 2012

Gotta Love Mother's Day.....

The kids let me sleep until 7:30 which is VERY late in Janie's world. Hank  the kids made me french toast!! A first in our household, it was so nice!!!
After church we went downtown to have brunch at The Peabody. We have not been in about 15 years or so, so a first for most of the family. The only drawback was missing Julianne!

Gardner gave me a non goofy picture for Mother's Day....sorry I can't take a pic without his eyes open!

Seriously that is a chocolate covered Pringle, YUMMY!

All the kiddos with me but Julianne

looking at the famous Peabody ducks....

The absolute best thing about my day was when I put John David to bed. I was leaving his room and he said, "Hey Mom, how was your mother's day?"
Seriously what 10 year old thinks like that!! He will be such a great husband and father some day!

 My Gramma Gardner told me when I was starting to date  highschool, "a boy treats his wife like he treats his mother, so look for that in boys you date." Such truth in her wise advice! I sure am glad I finally listened before I married!

And of course it was an extra special Mother's Day since it is my first to be Janie's Mommy!!