Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Janie had her barium enema xray today and was a total trooper. She was so brave and did not cry until the end. We have not talked to the doc yet but it appears she is no longer blocked and went the rest of the day poo poo free.....amen!! Diaper rash is healing now and she has tt'd in the potty many times. Praise God. Hoping to continue to figure this out. The good news is the radiologist said her intestines look good:)

I felt so sorry for her that I went by Mulan to pick up some of her favorites for lunch. She slept an hour and a half in the car:).

She ate 4 dumplings!

loves that broccoli

She ate 3 fortune cookies:)

She is pointing to her plate where she wants a 'refill':)

We had a great day of respite from the endless diaper to bath changes. I think her diaper rash finally can start healing now. She was so happy all afternoon......
Today has given me a glimpse into what it will be like when we get all the issues figured out and that is oh so good!!!!
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