Monday, April 9, 2012

My Mind......

Is all over the place right now. I feel exactly like I did when I came home with a day just flows into the next and you can't remember if you ate or if you took a shower. I realized how mentally weird I am when this happened today.....

The kids and I are on our way to see a movie and I am talking to a nurse about Janie's procedure tomorrow, she puts me on hold for a minute and I'm listening to the on hold message that says; " Did you know that icicles are the second leading cause of injury or death to a child, second only to automobiles". Images of children being impaled by icicles falling from houses or children stabbing each other with them are flying through my mind and I'm thinking "REALLY?"

I then hear, "teaching your child to wear his or her helmet while riding bicycles can save a life"

Yes I am losing my mind:)

John David laughed out loud when I told him!

I think the movie helped a bit:)