Thursday, March 29, 2012

What Can An Oreo McFlurry Get You????

A happy pose for Mommy and perfect behavior in the doctor's office. Thank goodness we were in and out in 55 minutes!!

These are from the other day, shows what I am up against as far as messes. My attitude is so much better now that we are sleeping:)

About Janie:
She is easy to please
Has only thrown a few fits and never directed at me, just mad in general
She has a smile like none other
She laughs with abandon
She can give a good evil eye
She does not like to tee tee on the potty right now???
Her eyes light up if you give her chicken wings
She will hold her oreo Mcflurry since her sister has one, but does not eat it:)
She can play on a play set like she has every day of her life
She does not like the trampoline
She gets exctited and says big brother and big sister in Chinese when we get in the car, thinking we are going to get them at school
She tells me long stories in Chinese, what I would give to know what she is saying!
She sings and sways to music
She is so loved........