Monday, March 26, 2012

This Is What I Wanted.....

My sweet friend Michelle told me a few months ago, that even though this journey was hard God has given me everything I prayed for. Now I can say He gave me more than I prayed for!! We got a full nights sleep last night and she has done so great today alone with me. I have so enjoyed having her all to myself. She is so sweet and is repeating so much of what I say. She already calls the dogs Odie and Goldbug!

I have been so lame taking pictures of the bigs with Janie!!! Just a few. I will catch up with pics over Easter weekend when Julianne comes home again!

playing with the balloons with the bigs

letting Allie hold her:)

the crew without Julianne, we want you home JuJu!!

M wanted no part of the pic:)

this is what I wanted:)