Saturday, March 3, 2012

Our Itinerary.......

Hank and I are on a forced relaxation trip to Arizona right now.....well he is not relaxing right now, speaking at the conference, but is free from 12 on today. We are visiting the Tanque Verde Ranch with alot of free time, I have to admit it is just what we needed before our big trip to China. I actually did not wake up at 3 a.m unable to go back to sleep thinking of all I need to be doing. It will have to wait until Monday night:) my bet is that I don't sleep much once we get home and on that plane on Thursday morning so I will take advantage of this much needed trip. It sure is nice to actually have a full conversation with my husband!

Here is our itinerary, my heart skips a beat every time I read March 12th 10:30, meet your child! It is finally time, and it is real. I truly can't express my emotions for Janie and that God has seen fit to give her to us, we are so very blessed! This past year has been spent wondering and hoping for her, wondering and hoping for God's perfect will. Overwhelmed is not a strong enough word to express my feelings of gratitude and awe that God has given me everything I have prayed for concerning Janie. When I am anxious with worry over how this precious child will respond to us, I rest in knowing that God has her and us right where He wants us.

Oh yeah, enough rambling, here is our itinerary:

3-9 Arrive in Beijing at 3:40 pm

3-10 sightseeing, Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tian An Men Square. We toured these on our last trip but wanted the children to experience them.

3-11 7:25 am flight to Changsha, arrive at 9:45

3-12 10:00 am interview appointment at Civil Affairs

3-13 9:00 am paper work at civil affairs

3-14 shopping,free day

3-15 visit museum

3-16 get Janie's passport
5:20 flight to Guangzhou, arrive 6:30

3-17 9:30 visa photo, then medical exam and TB test

3-18 tour Chen Family's Temple

3-19 TB test result appointment

3-20 free day

3-21 10:00 am Consulate appointment, oath taking ceremony

3-22 guide will pick up American Consulate visa for Janie
4:12 train to Hong Kong

3-23 11 am flight to Chicago

Arrive Chicago 12 pm, yes same day as we gain a day on the way home. Sure does not feel
like it though:)

Arrive in Memphis at 5:25