Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nothing Like Celebrating a Birthday in China.......

.......especially when you are as old as me. Yep I'm 49 today. Not as bad as I thought:)
Janie gave me the best present ever by coming to me to pick her up today and stayed in my lap for about 5 minutes. She has not wiped off many of my kisses today either. I really cannot believe how well she is doing. All smiles except when we go into a new situation, then her little sad face comes out, she is so unsure of what is going on.

We went to the Provincial Museum this morning and it was really very interesting. The kids loved the mummy....kind of a strange thing to see. Then it was off to Walmart again. On our last trip for Madeline, I almost passed out in Walmart because it was so hot. I am proud to say, Walmart has been very tolerable this trip. Janie loves it and smiles so big when John David pushes her fast in the cart:). Just sayin though, I'm back to being a Target girl when we get home!

Janie just got in my lap and is just gabbering away in Chinese. She has the cutest little voice. She will repeat just about anything we ask her to in English. She can say John David and Madeline with perfect pronunciation!! She loves looking at the pictures of our dogs and cat. I hope the pictures can prepare her for how big Goldbug is.

Ok now for what you really want.......

the uncertain look

She was a ham at lunch, Hank started putting a napkin on his face and it was on!!

Molly, this is for you! My yearly birthday cartwheel. Wow I never knew how terrible I did them!! Last year my wrists hurt for days and I saw stars, this year felt pretty good haha!!

meat delivery in China!

We are heading to Guangzhou tomorrow afternoon so I'm not sure if we will have time to post. I'll try to put up a few pics if I can. We had just gotten into the Changsha groove and its time to move on now.
One more week to go and we are home!!!
We have been blessed with a great trip, no illnesses and we are sleeping again. Most importantly God gave us more than we prayed for in Janie:)