Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Martyr Park, Embroidery Museum and Whining........

We met our guide this morning and headed to Martyr Park and then on to the Embroidery Museum.

There were bumper cars at the park and Janie kept pointing and saying ride in Chinese. Oh my word this girl will love Disney World!!

I have seen this bridge in pictures many times. It is so beautiful to see!!

Not much to report other than John David and Madeline have become master whiners today:) Hank just took John David out to some electronic shops to have some time alone with him. Madeline and Janie are playing nicely in the hotel room. Madeline may be a whiner but she has been so sweet to Janie. And speaking of Janie, she has started calling me Mama and Hank sweet. Hank said she said Mama and looked like she was going to cry when I left the table this morning to get something at the buffet. All very good signs.
While out with our guide this morning, Amy kept laughing at some of the things Janie says. She is so very smart for a little girl whose medical files tested her DQ at 50 and said she can say a few words and understand a few. When at the embroidery museum she saw a big dragon and said "scary, strange animal". Amy told her it is a dragon and she says, No scary, strange animal! She pointed and named all the animals. She repeats many of the english words we teach her. When I change her diaper, mannnnnnnnnnyyyyyy times a day, she says "wait wait wait" because I have to tell her to wait while I put her diaper on and she is trying to run away:)

Right now she is going around the rooms and turning lights off and cleaning up!! She also likes to make sure all the doors are shut. Yeah, her IQ is low, whatever!! We are so very thankful we did not let her medical report scare us off. I look at her precious face and am thankful God spoke to me so clearly to get us here for her!