Monday, March 12, 2012

God's Glory........

Yes, that is what we have seen today. We entered the Civil Affairs building to be told Qing Qing was already there. Poor baby cried all the way from the foster parents apartment to the building and was still crying when we arrived.

This little angel can light up a room with her smile and laughter. Hank and I both feel that bringing John David and Madeline was the best thing for Janie. She plays so well.....ALOT busier than we imagined......yeah joke is on me!! We are so very thankful!! Here are a few pics for proof....

What can we say about today? Shocked would be the most accurate discription. Hank and I were both a little concerned the first 10 minutes, she seemed unsteady and cocked her head to the side and would not lift it much. Needless concerns.....this child is a master giggler. I imagined this day to be so very differently. I'm sure we will see a different child when bed time comes but right now she is throwing a beach ball like a baseball player at her brother and falling down laughing every time he falls down when hit.

Another funny thing is the bow. I showed her all her bows and her eyes lit up and she started putting it on top of her head. EVERY time it gets loose, she runs to me to fix precious!!

This has been such a wonderful day. God told me to "watch this miracle unfold before you" and it sure is. We are thankful!

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