Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Consulate Appointment, Baby Baby, First Kiss and Hank's Obsession

Today was a wonderful last day in Guangzhou. I think our attitude is great since we see the light at the end of the tunnel, plus not much Whinese today as my friend Kate says:)

Our consulate appointment was at 10:00 and went so smoothly. Paperwork this time around has been a breeze compared to last time. Maybe 10 minutes per province was spent compared to hours in 2007.

looking for food before breakfast

Madeline's faces today crack me up!

We are all in love with "baby baby" as she has been called until she was named Alyssa Gwendolyn on adoption day. We are traveling with her mother Michelle and Aunt Bridgette who have waited on baby  baby for 6 long years. Needless to say, todays consulate appointment was a sweet tear jerker!

We went on to the Shifu area with Michelle and Bridgette for lunch and then on to Hank's obsession which he has dragged Michelle into. We went with Ann AGAIN to look at pearls ect!!! Allie, Julianne and Kendyl this time Hank's obsession will serve you well. We also got Madeline and Janie cute jade bracelets. They are so proud:)

After the consulate appointment

a little unsure....

squid on a stick anyone????

Chicken feet????

John David's joy turned to hearbreak when we realized we were sold a fake....lesson learned in China, got our money back:)

the girls got into Daddy's obsession...

John David, not so much.....

I am not exaggerating, He is TOTALLY into a deal!!!!!!

This picture is the sight of God's work. All of my closest friends know how Hank has struggled to step out in faith for this special child that we did not have many answers for. He decided it was better to follow my lead and trust that God knew what He was doing.....yet he struggled. Here is his gift from God for being obedient. This child loves her Baba and gave him the first kiss today, yes I am a little jealous but I'm sure it will come for me as well. We are in awe of God's goodness to us in giving us this precocious, sweet child. She is such a joy!! Of course I got a pic of the first kiss:)

So very sweet!!!!!

This trip has been much easier than our trip in 2007 mainly in how far China has come in these past years. It is much more comfortable to travel in this country now. The people have been so very sweet to us and smile and give us a thumbs up when they see the girls. Truly special!!