Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chen Family Temple,Porcelin and Pearl Market......and Whining......

We were off to the Chen Family Temple, whining, porcelin ( I know I'm spelling that wrong, I think), whining, and the pearl market, and whining. All the whining was done by Madeline, and pretty much in that order:)

Hank just went with Ann, a personal shopper with Redthread. He is getting pearls for Janie and for a few friends. You will be glad to know we have no whining as of now......whooo hooooo. Oops spoke too soon. Madeline is having a bit of trouble today as we are having a little too much together time. Mrs, Shaefer, she sure is missing the structure of her class:) Ok now she is playing and laughing again. A little jeckel and hyde going on in the China Marriot hahaha!!!

As you can see, we don't have much to post today. Janie is doing very well. She had to have her hair in pig tails like Madelines today and it is so cute, hardly any hair to go up:). Her diaper situation is getting better and more regular with help from a nurse in Cincy.

We bought a few finger art prints for the kids bedrooms.

Yep, nuff said.....

Daddy's buddy. Janie went to get in his lap or would lean against his leg and say Baba, so sweet. She has her Daddy wrapped!!

Looking at pearls

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