Monday, February 27, 2012

John David's Early Bday Party!

We celebrated John David's April 2nd birthday with his friend Graham yesterday. Graham's birthday was in January and we were certain that we would be in China on April 2nd. So nice how that didn't happen and we get to go earlier:). They invited their classmates to SkyJump, a trampoline extravaganza! Jumping was done, pizza and cake eaten and fun galore!!

Still trying to act like Gardner and NOT smile:)

The birthday boys

Another model pose:)

They never stopped moving except to catch their breath!

Gardner was Madeline's chosen one!

It was a fun time for all!!
Now we will get to celebrate again with our family on his "real" birthday at HOME with his new sister!!
Still have not heard back about our consulate appointment, hopefully tomorrow.....those ticket prices just keep on rising while we wait!