Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Busy Weekend........

This past weekend was all about John David:). In 24 hours he had his last basketball game, pinewood derby and a championship swim meet....whew! Not one of them had the outcomes he wanted but it was still a great weekend:)

Our basketball season was not as great as the boys hoped but they sure did improve over the season. They looked like little pros by the end!
Praying before the game

this pic is so out of focus but I just have to use it anyway.....I love that Hank has coached John David's team every year since 2nd grade!!!

Now to the pinewood derby. John David  Hank worked tirelessly on the car. I now think Hank is not in the correct line of work.....he was totally anal about this car haha, even joked about keeping it in the safe!! They sure wished it was as fast as it is cool!!! They were certain they would place first but only placed 2nd to 4th in different heats......oh well......there is always next year. I'm betting Hank is already researching how to make it faster......just sayin
before the race, notice they have the car protected in the towel.....:)

checking in

their "angry birds" car

a few competitors

Gardner and Kendyl could not miss the action:)

Madeline was never far from John David's side the entire time!

that is the happiest look John David could muster.... next year will be here before we know it!!!

Last but not least, the swim meet on Sunday.......
getting ready for race #1

looking at his time

happy with his time:)



Mom can't beat that it hurts getting old sometimes!


He was not happy with that time, lost a second.....a second is alot in swimming they think:)


I can tell all the way across the pool that he was not happy with that time. 50 Back is usually one of his best and he lost 4 seconds I think.....I told him he still got 4th and he informed me that the place does not matter, it is his time and it was worse than he has had in the past! Well, I know now!:) The whole broken hand thingy cost him this time.....there's always another meet. This Mommy is so very proud of him. He works so hard at swimming an gives it his all, ended up with 3 2nd places, a 3rd and a 4th. Not bad in my book:)
 His next meet is on March 31st and this mama is hoping he has to miss it because he is in CHINA!! fingers crossed, double crossed, legs crossed ect....