Saturday, February 25, 2012


Wow what a fun night. Allie won a gold Addy for her Summer Poster Series for the Orpheum!! I had never heard of an Addy until a few weeks ago. It is the Grammy, Emmy of the advertising world. She won a gold at the local level and will now go to the regional level and then on to state ect if she continues to win.

Her "Summer Poster Series"
The Orpheum hosts movies during the summer and this is what Allie came up with:)

The beginning of the awards

Just cause......really? is that red hair or what?

Another of the interesting peeps we saw....

Seriously had some trouble focusing on the screen, kinda left some important things a GOLD

Then the surprise of the night happened.....

Allie won "Peoples Choice Award"
She was so very surprised!!!

The cool thing about the night is all the winners were with large agencies with a team of workers, then there is Allie Mounce, lone graphic designer for the Orpheum and she won 2 awards! 
Allie we are so happy for you and so proud of your creativity and hard work!!!!
I think Daddy is smiling down on you tonight:)
We love you sweet girl!!!!
Thanks for a fun night!